5 Unusual Wedding Favor Ideas to Surprise Guests At Wedding

Unusual Wedding Favor IdeasLooking for some Unusual Wedding Favor Ideas to Surprise Guests At Wedding Party?

You know what:

Guests love surprises.

It is always good to thank them in the most unusual way possible and so this post is all about the unsual wedding favor ideas for your guests.

Believe me or not but wedding favors form an essential part of any wedding ceremony.

These are small gifts which are given by the bride and the groom to their guests who have attended their wedding.

These are meant as a token of love and gratitude and a beautiful way of saying thanks to all the guests who arrived in the wedding.

So, how are you going to select the right kind of wedding favor for your guests?

The Theme of the Wedding Matters a lot. Your wedding favor should match your wedding theme. If it is going to be a Western wedding then go ahead with a miniature cowboy hats which are filled with mini cookies.

If it is going to be a beach wedding then choose mini seashells would be amazing. In the similar manner, if you have decided for any specific color for your wedding make sure your wedding favor too is of a similar kind. These should also be wrapped in the desired colors.

The type of wedding favors too varies. You can choose from fun, decorative to edible or eco-friendly gifts. However your budget too matters a lot.

You can have cheap and inexpensive ones to costly gifts too.

Most Unusual Wedding Favor Ideas for Guests


“Songbird” Tealight Holder:

Isn’t it pretty, well if you love birds then you will love this tealight holder too. This has been beautifully crafted to make it look like a real bird.

It is such a cute centerpiece that everyone will love it for its sweetness and uniqueness.

It has an antique ivory finish and makes a perfect wedding favor.

“Hearts in Love” Rustic Favor Box:

This is going to be not just an amazing wedding favor but also a beautiful gift for all those who are going a Valentine’s Day Party.

This one is one of the most popular gifts and everyone loves these pretty hearts.

Each of these box has a twine bow attached to it at the top and you can get it filled with anything like herbs or seeds or just any of the environment friendly items too.

“To Have and To Hold” Glass Wedding Magnets:

This one is one of the most unique kinds of wedding favors and I am sure your guests will be surprised at it. These are ‘”To Have and To Hold” refrigerator magnets.

What is beautiful about these is that these come in four wedding themed styles- cake, ring, heart and wedding bells- all are beautifully displayed here.



Unique Wedding Favors for Guests
Perfect Blend Burlap Bag

The Perfect Blend Burlap Bag:

Isn’t it a cute bag? The tagline ‘Perfect Blend’ is beautiful reminder of what a perfect blend you and your spouse are.

This bag would be loved by the guests as it can hold lots of things like coffee beans, spices or act as a stocking stuffer too.

This is going to be a not just unique but useful wedding favor for guests.

Personalized Glass Mason Jar:

These are cute looking mason jar and the good thing is that you can get these personalized with the bride and groom’s name. These would serve as the perfect gift for outdoor spring or summer wedding.

Each of the jars has a silver cap and you can fill it with colorful candies to give more beautiful look.You can even fill candies in accordance with your wedding theme too.

Get it personalized by adding the event, choosing the color of the jar, the design as well as your custom text.


Unique Gifts for Wedding Guests

Here are some more unique gifts for wedding guests which will definitely be loved and admired by them. The best aspect of these favors is that these are all practical kind of favors which the guests will love to treasure for ever, rather than throw them out as crap.

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