Unique Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

Chalkboard Wedding Program IdeasOne of the recent trends which have emerged in themed weddings is the Chalkboard themed wedding.

These continue to reign supreme and couples are madly in love with the trend, thus it is not going to slow down in the next few years to come.

Chalkboards are not just versatile but reusable and customizable too.

Perhaps it is for this reason alone that these are in demand.

There are more than just one way in which you can go for a chalkboard wedding theme- you can have the complete chalkboard stationary as well as chalkboard decorations.

This is both inspiring and creative and your guests would certainly adore the way you have opted for something different in your wedding.

You would be kind amazed by the unique concepts people have been experimenting with regard to chalkboard theme.

In this post have a look at not just amazing chalkboard wedding ideas but also on wedding stationary too. You will find it quite interesting to read and see for yourself.

Unique Chalkboard Wedding Program Ideas


Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

For the past few years chalkboard themed wedding has grown in popularity so much so that now you have almost everything with a touch of chalk in it be it wall décor, centerpieces, wall hanging, wedding invitations, save the date cards, table numbers and lots more.

This is partly so because chalkboards give a whimsical and rustic touch to your wedding. Thus, if you are planning a modern look wedding but still want some rustic elements to it, then go for this unique wedding theme.

And let me tell you, it is both fun and interesting to opt for it. There are countless ways people are using these from wall signs to placemats to wedding favors.

One of the most famous and popular ways people are using these is in wedding stationary especially save the date cards, menu cards, program templates and of course wedding invitations and the like.

Have a look at some of the amazing and unique ways in which you can create your own wedding into a chalkboard themed wedding.

Chalkboard Wedding Program Ideas

Chalkboard Save the Date Invitation

This is a beautiful chalkboard themed save the date invitation which is unique and trendy. You can even add your own image here along with the wedding date and venue. The beautiful font combination along with the pretty swirls adds so much of grace to this invite.

Get it customised at Zazzle

Chalkboard Aisle Runner

Make a chalkboard wedding aisle runner which will simply make the guests surprised. You can just write the message of love on the aisle in chalkboard style.

Yet another interesting idea is to write a message from the Bible for the wedding couples. In fact, there are many more ideas too like writing a lyrics of any special song, something funny or inspiring, or else let the guests write messages for the bride and the groom.

Unique Chalkboard Wedding Program Ideas


Chalkboard Wedding Table Number:

It is not just simple but so much rustic in feel too. A chalkboard table number will not just be your ordinary table number but will also act as the centerpiece in your garden themed wedding. Available at Amazon

Chalkboard Wedding Altar:

Chalkboard Wedding Altar too looks and sounds amazing idea and in fact couples are going for this one.

You can just make the wedding altar in a chalkboard style and in fact can use the entire space by honoring the families of both the bride and the groom as well as using the space to write some beautiful messages too.


Unique Chalkboard Wedding Ideas


Chalkboard Wedding Placemats

A chalkboard placemat which can be personalized also is a wonderful idea. You can even use these as a gift for your guests. Yet another interesting way is to write down the name of each guest on the placemats and gift these. Get it at Zazzle


Chalkboard Wedding Cake Topper

Chalkboard Wedding Cake Topper

Chalkboard Wedding Cupcake Topper: Definitely a must to incorporate idea in your chalkboard wedding is to add these as a cupcake topper.

You can even let the guests take them back home too. This is a simple yet effective way to use chalkboard. Check details at Amazon


Chalkboard Wedding Favors for Guests


Chalkboard Wedding Favor

Beyond doubt, if it is a chalkboard wedding, then you simply can’t miss using these in wedding favors. Let the guests enjoy your gift even at their home.

These simple and cute tealight wedding favors would be an instant hit and you can even write down the name of each of the guests.Check it out


Chalkboard Mason Jar Wedding


Chalkboard Wedding Guest Book

In order to make your guest book unique and different, you can try out to give it a chalkboard look. It will give it more prominence and attention. Get details    


Chalkboard Wedding program ideas

Chalkboard Necklace

This is something really unheard of but if you are an avid zazzler you know what I mean.

At Zazzle which is a print on demand website you can create customized necklace with chalkboard theme. You can even write a personal message or name on these. Check it Out



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