Peony Save the Date Cards and Postage

peony save the date cards and postagePeony Save the date cards and postage theme is very popular among the couples tying the knot.

They just love to make these pretty flowers a part of their wedding ceremony.

Peonies are symbolic of love, romance and intimacy, hence either by using these flowers in the wedding bouquet or else by using them in wedding stationary, couples always try to incorporate them in the wedding.

The beauty of these flowers lies in the fact that they appear to be quite serene and calm. In fact it is a pleasure to look at them.

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It is for this reason perhaps that more and more couples are picking up the save the date cards as well as postage stamps which have peony theme.

These give the guests a reason to smile and cheer and they feel really invited to the wedding.

So, have a look at some of the best peony themed save the date cards and peony postage and I am pretty sure you will get the idea of which one will suit your wedding theme the best.

Beauty of Peony Wedding Flowers

Nowadays, Peony flower is said to be back in demand primarily due to its symbolism.

These are a traditional flower which has roots in Asian and Eastern European countries.

This wonderful flower can now be spotted in almost all the weddings including the celebrity weddings too!!

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These are also said to be reflective of a female’s serenity and chastity.

These can be used in whimsical bouquet, address label, centerpieces and decorations, napkins.

These come in very soothing colors like pink, white, crimson, deep red and sometimes yellow too.

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Since these bloom in spring season so you can always use them in your spring wedding.

You can also add a vintage touch to these traditional flowers to get the rustic feel to your wedding.





Beautiful Peony Save the Date Cards

Just like the Peony Bouquet, even Peony Save the date cards are highly popular amongst the couples.

It is essential that these should be chosen with great care and after a good selection since these are meant to tell your guests about your wedding date.

These cards are considered to be a part of joyful announcement to your friends and relatives about your wedding.

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These are mostly send to those acquaintances who are living far away and hence they tend to serve as a reminder to them about your wedding date.

Sometimes, these are also send to some special guests too like your boss or any other reputable person with whom you share a formal relation.

At zazzle you will find lots of save the date cards with Peony theme.

These are available in traditional designs, rustic touch as well as modern outlook.

So, depending upon your wedding theme you can pick up the one which suits you the best.

It is important that in these cards you have included the names of both the bride and the groom, the date of wedding as well as time.

The venue too should be clearly stated so that the guests know in advance where to arrive.

Peony Save the Date Postage Stamps

If you are thinking of making the postage stamps personal then it is one of the best decisions. Guests always love to get that extra touch of love!!

You can add your own personal photos to the save the date postage stamps if you buy them from zazzle.

These postage are considered to be one of the most essential part of your wedding stationary.

You can transform your save the date cards into an unforgettable memento with these customized stamps.

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The essential point is that these can be matched with your wedding theme too.

So, if you have opted for peony wedding invitations as well as peony save the date cards or magnets, then it is but natural that you should also consider picking up the Peony Postage Stamps too.

These will look vibrant and fully in tune with your spring wedding.

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