19 Proven Marriage Hacks to Ignite Romance in Your Relationship

19 proven marriage hacks to ignite romance in marriageIgniting Romance in your relationship is a must.

You know why?

Well here is it:

It helps to keep your relationship lively, happy and strong.

Yes, we all go through that phase where boredom, sense of alienation and a feeling of not being loved surrounds us.

It is something which every can couple can relate to. I have seen this happening in our relationship too. But you know what:

I never let it become so strong that it can shake the foundation of our relationship.

 It is essential to build our relationship on a strong foundation and nurturing it with love, passion, care, togetherness is the first step.

In fact, even after you have kids, you can ignite your romance with these easy to follow marriage hacks.

Believe me, these love hacks will make your marriage even more stronger, deeper and full of love.

Proven Marriage Hacks to Ignite Romance in Your Relationship

1.Send Love Notes to Your Spouse:

Yeah these love notes work like a charm. Just keep them at the most uncertain place they can even think about.

I have personally added them on my bathroom’s mirror, in the closet, in the kitchen drawer and it was so much fun to do.

Just write something like ‘how much you love him’ or ‘a thank you note for all the love he showers on you’. Let him feel how blessed you feel with him. (Check Out These Free Love Notes Printable)

2. Go On Unpredictable Dates:

Yes date nights can work wonders for igniting romance in your relationship. This is an easy to follow love hack and the most fun filled to. Just plan a wild date night be it indoors or outdoors and give your hubby a surprise. In fact, there are numerous ways to surprise your partner with a date night. 

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3. Create a Couples To Do List:

We all know how busy our schedules are, it could be travel, hectic meetings, kid chores, shopping the list goes on and on ….so how about creating a Couples To Do List.

I am sure this can be a great thing to do. This to do list should have all things which you are planning to do together for the entire week- it could be watching a movie together, cooking, shopping, or simply lying down on bed and having fun. (Here is a Free Couples To Do List to get you started)

This is going to be fun to look forward to and add that spice in your life because that way you are doing things together and thereby spending time together. 

love text messages for your spouse
4.Surprise Him Off and O

Now who doesn’t love surprises !! And we don’t need to wait for his birthday to give him a surprise. In order to ignite love and passion in your marriage, it’s good to keep him tiny surprises.

It could be cooking his favorite food (I have tried this many times and have been so happy to see the smile on his face which is full of that ‘unbelievable’ or rather ‘you know my heart’ look).

Some other surprises could be keeping a sexy love card in his lunch box or sending a cute text message which is “All About Us” (Get Free Text Messages Printable here)

5. Indulge in Unknown Fun:

It is always fun to do something which you have never done before. In fact, it’s a great way to know more about each other- your fears and your positivity.

So how about going on biking, mountaineering if you have never done so. In fact, the fear will bring out the best in you. You will get to know each other know better.

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6. Have Flirt Here and There:

I know being flirty with your spouse is the least thing on our mind. Yes we make love to each other, but what about flirting?

Its always good to indulge in some flirt whenever you can be it when you are watching a movie, simply dish washing, getting ready for office. In fact, never leave an opportunity for that.

This no doubt will strengthen your marriage and bring you more closer to each other. (Pin It)


7.Add Emotional Touch:

Love is not only about physical intimacy to each other. It is also about emotional and sensitivity. So at times, make sure you simply hold your spouse’s hand and sit together and talk to each other, relive the memories of your wedding.

It is all the more good if you go ahead and write a “Journal of Love” which can tell all about your love story how you met, what you did, how you got married etc. Gift it to your husband on your First Wedding Anniversary and see him becoming emotional.

our journal of love

(I designed a pretty pink “Journal of Love for those looking for a Journal to express their relationship in a better way. If you want this journal you can grab it now from my etsy store right here along with other printables)

8. Give Him Some Me Time Too:

I know this might sound weird to you but believe me this is important too. I have also started doing this and now I am happy that I decided to do this.

Earlier I felt that my hubby should always be with me on the weekends almost all the time. But this was in a way becoming stressful for him, he too has his own friends whom he wanted to talk to or go out with at times.

So now, I do giving him some ‘me time’ and thankfully its working. The time he is with me is the time he is actually with me now. (Pin It)

9. Show Some Love With Stickers:

This might sound funny but why not try this one out too. Add something funny or love stickers in his closet or behind the back of his laptop.

This will be super fun to do too. At times some silly or funny activities too can go a long way in making our day and ultimately our relationship special. 

10. Give Yourself a Break from Kiddo Talk:

And yes it is needed at times especially if both of you are spending some time together. I know kids are our lives and how much they mean to us. But at least for some time we can indulge in ‘just us talk’.

Talk about things which are all about you two, where you want to travel together, your next holidays or your next love night. Focusing on just each other goes a long way in strengthening your marriage too.

11. Take the first step:

At times we can’t ignite passion in our relationship because we feel it is the other person who will do that. Lesser do we know that it’s likely a possibility that he too might be thinking the same.

So how about taking control of the situation and taking the first step- be it kissing, undressing or just cuddling together. (Pin It)

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Easy to Follow Love Hacks to Strengthen Your Marriage

12. Always smile back when your partner arrives home.

13. Just tell him how much you missed him or waited for him to come back in the evening.

14. Embrace your spouse whenever you two are together even for few seconds or a minute.

15. Tell how lucky you feel that you are married to him.

16. Plan a surprise date night at home after the kids go to sleep.

17. Send an email telling how much he means to you.

18. Indulge in some pillow talk before you go to sleep. These Conversation Starter Cards will give you a good chance to have that heartfelt talk to your spouse.

19. Last but not the least…..simply make love.

Well these were some of the amazing marriage hacks which will go a long way in building a strong foundation for your married life. 

⇒⇒Which marriage hacks are you following to strengthen your relationship, please do let me know in the comments below. I always love to hear from you.

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