Inexpensive Summer Themed Wedding Favors For Guests

Inexpensive Summer themed Wedding FavorsChoosing Inexpensive Summer Themed Wedding Favors For Your Guests at times appear tough, especially if you have a wedding on a budget.

Well, there are a lot of couples who love to tie the knot in the June, July or August when the sun is bright and the weather is good.

If you too are getting married in the summer months then you need to choose the wedding favors too in tune with the summer season.

These wedding favors are token of love and thanks to the guests who have came to your wedding ceremony to give you wishes and prayers.

So, always lookout for some beautiful wedding favors for your guests.

If you want to get these within a budget then surely you must read this post and get an idea of some unique and affordable gifts which will look good in summers.

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Getting Married in Summer Season

Summer season is basically characterized by bright sunny weather. There are beautiful flowers too all around and the atmosphere looks vibrant.

Since summer day is quite long so you have ample time at hand unlike the winters when the day is too short.

What I like about the summer weddings is that you are able to take some of the brightest photographs owing to clarity in weather.

So you have memories beautifully clicked for posterity. Lots of couples prefer to get married near the lakeside or beach in summers.

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After all the beauty of water in summer months is at its apex. The water looks cool and bright and so romantic too.

Yet another benefit of summer wedding is that you and your guests can wear the elegant outfits with grace. 

A casual dinner and dance near the lakeside can make the day look so adorable. Make sure your wedding invitations too are in relation with the theme of the wedding.

So you can choose some pastel colors to natural motifs. In the same light, the June, July and August brides have a wide range of summer blooms to choose from.

These make not just a wonderful bouquet but also help you get your wedding venue decorated too!

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Summer Themed Wedding Favors 

Celebrate your love with beautiful summer wedding favors which are reflective of the bride and groom’s personality.

If you are going for a beach or garden inspired wedding favors then surely these favors would be loved by your guests.

You should keep these gifts cool or tropical and must choose from floral or beach inspired soaps, beach themed candles, placeholders and the like.

One of the most amazing ideas is to go for sea shells and tropical flowers. Summer is the perfect time for fun and party so having floating candles and water lilies as the gifts could also be wonderful.

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Summer Holiday Themed Wedding Favors

Inexpensive Summer Themed Wedding Favors For GuestsAt times in the month of June, July or August the weather can become quite hot.

This can have a major impact on your overall wedding preparations be it your makeup, dishes or decorations.

In similar view, your gifts for the guests too can be reflective of the same. Personalized Iced Tea Favors  would be a good gift in such weather as will be the Ice Cream Towel Favors.

Some couples also love to gift fans as a gift to their guests- well to beat the heat! Sandalwood Fans too look chic and trendy as summer wedding favors.

The cherry blossom silk folding fan as seen in the picture here too makes a great and unique wedding gift for guests.

Beach Theme Wedding Gifts for Guests

beach theme wedding favor for guestsWhen one thinks of ‘beach theme wedding gifts’ most often the images of corals, sea shells, starfish, the boats sailing around and yeah Palm tree which truly enhances the beauty of the beach.

If you have decided to go for a beach wedding in summer months then definitely you should choose gifts for your guests which have a beach theme.

“Seven Seas” Coral Place Card is simply apt as it has beautiful coral pieces which can be used as place card or photo holder.

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Starfish Beach Theme Wedding Gifts for GuestsYou can also go for “Set Sail” Sailboat Bottle Opener which is a perfect and practical gift for your guests.

As you know that every one of us is so much careful when we go out in the sun outdoors and hence Personalized “Fun in the Sun” Sunscreen Bottle would be loved by all.

Since it is a beach themed wedding so how can you forget starfish? The Starfish Bookmark Favor will always remind your guests of your beach wedding every time they open a book.

Similarly you can go for Hand Crochet Starfish Dish Cloth which will be a sweet addition to your guests’ tables.  

Palm Trees too form a great summer themed wedding favors especially if you are getting married on the beach. Palm trees are symbolic of the calmness, fresh breeze and the soft sounds of oceanic waves.

Palm Tree Bottle Opener can just be amazing gift as can be the Palm Tree Favor Boxes which have a beauty of their own. These are going to bring a taste of their own on the guests’ tables.

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