Best Books on Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns for Beginners

books for baby blankets crochet patternLearning about the baby blanket crochet patterns for beginners is on the wish list of every mother.

There are countless moms who want to learn crochet patterns in order to create beautiful blankets for their little ones.

Every mother loves to give her baby the best blanket possible.

She wants to wrap her in something which gives her warmth and comfort.

If you are one of those, then you will certainly want to know more about the baby blankets crochet pattern books.

60 Quick Knits Collection series is one of the best knitting series book which will make this process quite easy for you.

The book is part of a series which has been published by Sixth &Spring Books.

It is one of the best selling books on crochet which gives an in-depth and comprehensive collection of as many as 60 baby blankets. The book’s main highlighting features include:

There’s a project for almost everyone, even if you are a beginner.

The book includes throws, blankets, afghans in various styles and designs.

Knitting has been done in Cascade Superwash Yarns.

30 knitwear designers have given their best designs in this amazing book.

Crochet blankets are one of the most beautiful blankets for the newborn baby. Any mother who loves knitting makes it a point to present her baby with this beautiful blanket pattern. It not just looks pretty but rather the baby too feels comfortable and loves to cuddle in it. 

The book 60 Quick Baby Blankets: Cute & Cuddly Knits in 220 Superwash® and 128 Superwash® from Cascade Yarns has received 4.4 out of 5 stars at Amazon.

It has been raved for its patterns and colors.

Each of the pattern has been written in a very clear way and there are hundreds of ideas for knitters.

The beauty of this book lies in the fact that the patterns presented are very trendy, bright and of modern touch. The book has almost everything well covered:

  • Lace patterns
  • Stripes patterns              
  • Chevron stripes
  • Textured stripes
  • Intarsia stitches
  • Building blocks
  • Tickled pink

Yet another positive view is that these designs have been written in a clear and easy to understand language.

There are definite instructions along with wonderful illustrations which makes it easy for the reader to see the exact method. A Must Have for Moms Who Love to Learn Crochet 


The book 60 Quick Baby Blankets: Cute & Cuddly Knits in 220 Superwash® and 128 Superwash® from Cascade Yarns caters to the taste of everyone.

So, you don’t have to worry if you are knitting for a baby boy or a girl.

You will see patterns with monkeys, birds, bees, mustache pattern and even robots and alligator to name a few.

Thus you can crochet different patterns and create not just one but many baby blankets.

The BONUS: Well, yes you will receive a bonus project with this book. It includes a little lamb designed by Susan B. Anderson.

The good news is that though you will get all the patterns and designs which are suited for the ‘baby blankets’ but there are a few which you can use for even ‘adult blankets’ too like Zig and Zag, Criss- Cross Coverlet.

The only negative aspect about this book is that not all the patterns are ‘quick’ though, with many knitters saying that they do took a lot of time before they can get it finished.

Apart from this, there have been complaints about ‘errata notices’ which makes it quite difficult to get the pattern finished in the right manner. But overall, it has been very well recommended by the knitters.

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