9 Best Organic Wooden Teething Rings for Babies

9 Best Organic Wooden Teething Rings for BabiesIn my country India, organic wooden teething rings for babies are quite popular.

In fact, it is only recently that we have started seeing plastic teethers- perhaps the impact of technology.

However, in the past, almost every little one used to have a wooden teether in his hands and they enjoyed chewing it too.

As new parents, it is our responsibility that we should always give our baby things which are safe and chemical free. 

We need to keep a watch on them so that whatever they take in their mouth is safe and healthy.

This goes a long way in promoting a healthy immune system among the little ones.

These organic wooden teething rings are safe for the baby and in fact you should prefer to give these to the infant instead of the plastic ones which might contain harmful chemicals.

These are especially good for those babies who are quite sensitive as well.

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 Organic Wooden Teething Rings


1. Maple Teether Pair:

This wooden teether is one of the most popular organic teether available.

It is not just of good quality but very durable and useful for the baby.

Being devoid of any kind of chemicals, your baby can take it in the mouth and chew as much as he wants.

You can rub any good food grade oil like olive oil on it to give it more protection.

The babies will love it for sure. In fact you read the positive reviews this teether has received at Amazon

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 Best Organic Wooden Teething Rings

3. Green Sprouts Ring Rattle:

The green sprouts ring rattle is made from natural wood and is devoid of any harmful chemicals or dyes.

So, as parents you don’t have to worry about your little one taking these rings in his mouth.

The best thing is that it is quite easy for the baby to hold these in his hands.

He can play with these and chew on them when he feels the need.

What is unique is that it makes a cute rattle sound which further attracts the baby to hold these. This teether ring will make a great gift for any new mom

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 Best Organic Wooden Teething Rings

4. Camden Rose Cherry Rattle Ring:

This is rattle and ring combined together for the baby.

The child will love to play with it and whenever he wants he can chew this too.

It is quite easy to hold it in his hands and the sound of the rattle is good enough to catch his attention.

The wood has been applied with beeswax making it naturally safe for the child.

It is quite smooth to touch which makes it even more worth it.


5. Waldorf Maple Teether Natural Teething Ring

If you are looking for a teething ring which will help to soothe the gums of the baby, then you need to have this one.

It is made from maple wood and has a smooth finish to it.

So, the baby can take it in his hands with ease and chew as much as he want.









Organic Wooden Teething Rings6. Maple Hardwood Wooden Teething Ring:

This organic wooden teething ring is made from maple hardwood and is perfect to be used by the babies.

In order to make it safe and smooth, it has been polished with organic beeswax and olive oil.






Teething Rings for Babies Organic7. Birch Teething Rings:

These birch teething rings are just perfect to be used by your little one.

These are polished with jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax and olive oil to make them secure and durable.

These come in three different sizes and you can even make a necklace from these.

The wooden rings necklace can be the right for the new mom to wear so the baby can chew it even when he is in her arms.



Wooden Teething Rings Organic8. Wooden Teething Ring:

These wooden teething ring are perfect to be used by the little one not just when he starts teething rather even before that.

These are available in various natural colors to choose from like pink, yellow, green, purple and orange.

You will be surprised to know that these colors are made from natural dyes by treating cabbage, turmeric, beets and onion. So these are homemade dyes.

Apart from this, these have been coated with beeswax and olive oil.

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