Effective Treatment For Urinary Tract Infection during Pregnancy

Treating Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy naturallyTreatment for urinary tract infection during pregnancy is one of the most common issues which a lot of pregnant women have to deal with.

In fact, when I was pregnant even I had to deal with the same and believe me the pain was unbearable.

Many years back too I had suffered from UTI so I felt it was the same thing again but then the doctor told me that UTI during pregnancy is very common.

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I remember I was crying in pain and I just kept on drinking juice and water in order to ease pain, but when it became too much, I was taken to the doctor who put me on medication including antibiotics.

It was not just once but twice when I was under the attack of UTI during pregnancy.

So, perhaps I could very well understand what you might be facing right now.

Basically, Pregnant Women are said at a greater risk of suffering from Urinary Tract Infection.

The symptoms might be mild and in some cases acute.

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If UTI is left untreated it might even cause damage to your kidneys and in some extreme cases may lead to preterm labor and low weight of the baby at birth.

So, if you are pregnant and suffer from any kind of itching, redness or burning sensation it becomes imperative that you should consult your doctor to get it checked.

Severe form of UTI not just causes pain but may affect your overall health too.

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Personally I had severe burning sensation when I suffered from UTI. In spite of the fact that I was taking lots of water there was no respite.

If you have any such issue, please don’t ignore it and go to your doctor immediately.

Causes of Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy

It is widely held that 15% women will suffer from UTI at some point of time during her life.

In Pregnant women the incidence of urinary infection is as high as 8%. 

UTI is an infection which is caused in the urinary system of the body, basically in the urethra and bladder.

If it goes untreated for long time then it might even move to the kidneys too.

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The UTI causing bacteria is Escherichia coli. It might begin in the sixth week of pregnancy and might accelerate when pregnancy reaches twenty two weeks.

Hormonal changes are one of the major causes of urine infection in pregnancy.

The growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder and thereby prevents the complete emptying of the urine.

The stagnant urine becomes one of the major sources of infection in the urinary system.

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Apart from that the increase in plasma volume decreases urine concentration and thus leads to UTI.

Some of the common symptoms include:

  • A frequent urge to urinate again and again 
  • Finding it difficult to pass urine
  • Burning sensation during or after passing urine
  • Bad odor in urine
  • The color of urine looks cloudy

Urine Infection in Pregnancy

When you suffer from urine infection in pregnancy, it is not just you rather the health and life of the unborn baby as well which is at stake.

The antibiotics which are prescribed should be safe not just for the mother but for the baby as well.

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Though earlier ampicillin was the most common antibiotic given to pregnant ladies for checking infection but over the years the E Coli bacteria has become resistant to it.

So, nowadays doctors opt for Nitrofurantoin and Fosfomycin. A seven to ten days course of antibiotic treatment has been found sufficient to eradicate the infection causing organisms.

How To Avoid Urinary Infection During Pregnancy

Prevention is always said to be better than cure. It is always important that you take necessary care and precautions when you become pregnant to avoid getting the risk of suffering from urinary infection.

Here are a few important things you can do in order to avoid urinary infection during pregnancy:

  • Always maintain hygiene by taking regular baths and wearing clean clothes.
  • Drink plenty of fluids either in the form of water, milk or juices.
  • Make sure to keep the vaginal and urinary area clean and dry.
  • Always empty your bladder before and after sex.
  • Avoid suing deodorants and soaps.
  • Wear cotton underwear instead of any other fabric.
  • It is always good to wear loose dresses instead of tight fitting ones.
  • Place a limit on the amount of caffeine you take daily.

Natural Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberry Juice During PregnancyNatural remedies are always said to be quite effective in the treatment of UTI. (However if you suffer from chronic pain then it is advised to consult the doctor at the earliest).

These natural remedies will work for you but of course these will take some time to cure you fully.

Cranberry Juice: Cranberry and blueberry are considered to be one of the best natural remedies for treatment of UTI. These are known to weaken the infection causing bacteria.

Doctors however recommend that pregnant women should not take high dose of cranberry juice because it might have a bad effect on the unborn child.

You can even take Cranberry SoftGel Capsules for getting rid of frequent UTI problems. These are found to be equally effective too.

Echinacea: It is a popular herb used since ages for the treatment of bacterial infections. Drinking Echinacea tea for at least 2-3 weeks may help in curing the infection.

Pineapples: Bromelain is an enzyme which is said to cure UTI in people who were given Bromelain along with the antibiotics.

Naturally it is present in pineapples. So eat a bowl of pineapple not just to satisfy your taste bud but also to treat UTI. Or else take pineapple juice.

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 These are some of the effective ways for treatment of urinary tract infection during pregnancy. Have you also suffered from the same when you were pregnant? If so how did you deal with it. Let me know and I would be happy to hear from you.

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