Easiest Way For Getting Treated for Bacterial Infection While Pregnant

Easiest Way for Treating Bacterial Infection during PregnancyGetting treated for bacterial infection while pregnant is a must and perhaps very much necessary too. 

In fact, Bacterial vaginosis (bv during pregnancy) is one of the most common vaginal infections.

It is said that 1 in 5 pregnant women suffers from this infection at some stage of pregnancy. It is even more common that the yeast infection.

It is associated with the risk of preterm birth and low weight of the baby at birth time.

Sometimes it may even lead to uterine infection after delivery.

If you are pregnant and suffer from any kind of itching or burning sensation in your vagina it is important that you need to consult your gynecologist at the earliest.

This is essential since it is not just you but the health and life of your baby in the womb which too is at stake.

Causes Bacterial Infection During Pregnancy

Bacterial infection while pregnant is primarily caused by an imbalance of bacteria. The good bacteria are called as lactobacilli and these are said to be in majority.

These keep a check on other kinds of bacteria. However when bad bacteria overtake good bacteria in the body, the result is an imbalance leading to bacterial vaginosis.

Abnormal vaginal discharge and a fishy smell from vagina are said to be the two most important symptoms of this problem.

Some women even experience burning sensation after passing urine. A general view is that it is also caused by unprotected sex.


Are There any Harmful Effect of Bacterial Vaginosis on Pregnancy

It is said to be completely normal to have a baby when you suffer from BV. It is quite common to suffer from vaginal infection and thus you can carry on your pregnancy without any fear.

However if the problem is acute it needs to be acted upon or else it might lead to premature baby. Some studies have even linked it to miscarriage and premature rupture of membranes.

Few other complications include going into labor soon or infection of the uterus soon after birth.

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Treatments Available for Vaginal or Bacterial Infection

If the problem is severe then it is highly advisable to be screened for BV especially if you are pregnant. This ensures that you have a safe delivery.  

Basically your doctor will give you a complete course of antibiotics either in the form of tablets or gel which you need to apply inside vagina.

Antibiotics help in clearing up the infection in vagina by killing the bad bacteria.

Are There Any Natural Ways In Which One Can Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis

It is very much essential that pregnant women should keep a check on their diet and health habits.

What they eat matters a lot since it directly affects the health of the baby in the womb.

Avoiding any kind of vaginal infection during pregnancy is important not just for the health of the baby but also for the mother too.

If you have a weak immune system then there are chances that you might suffer from bacterial vaginosis because then your body is weak enough to let the bad bacteria take over the good ones.

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Eating yoghurt is said to be essential, because it helps in controlling the growth of harmful bacteria inside the vagina. However avoid those yoghurts which are high in sugar content.

Cranberry juice is a must because it helps in treating not just BV but also Urinary Tract Infection too. Cranberries are said to be rich in antibiotic properties and thereby prevent infection in the body.

Take proper vitamins, calcium and iron rich diet because these ward off infection causing bacteria from the body.

It is also recommended that you should not wear tight undergarments. Make sure your clothes are properly washed and maintaining proper hygiene too is important.

Wiping the affected region with tea tree oil too is said to help in reducing infection. Just mix tea tree oil with water in equal quantities and wipe with a soft cloth or cotton pad.

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