Know The Best Way to Get Rid of Dry Eyes Syndrome

How to Get Rid of Dry Eyes SyndromeHow to Get Rid of  Dry Eyes Syndrome is the common question of anyone who is suffering from the same. You can very well imagine his pain and anxiety which occurs due to the dry eye disease.

 Any disease which is related with the eyes can become even more troublesome because eyes are such a sensitive part of our body.

So what exactly is dry eye syndrome? In easy language, if I tell you then it is basically a situation where the eye is not able to make sufficient amount of tears and hence the name ‘dry eye’.

As you would know that tears forms an essential component of our eyes and if the ability of your eyes to make tears has lessened down then it could be a grave problem.

This is said to occur mostly in old age people and those who are quite weak. Some of the major causes of dry eye syndrome could be rheumatoid arthritis or chemical burns. Deficiency of Vitamin A is said to be a major contributing factor for this disease.

The syndrome is said to be more common in Africa where there is so much of malnutrition and poverty. So, the old people are unable to get the sufficient amount of Vitamin A rich foods and hence suffer from the same.


Know the Symptoms of Dry Eye

So are there any signs or symptoms of this disease? Yes. Thickness of the cornea is said to be a major symptom of dry eye.

Also you will feel yourself that your eyes are making lesser amount of tears than are basically needed.

Some people have also observed a decrease in mucus in the tear layer. You might also find it difficult to blink your eyes.

If you suffer from redness, itchiness or blurriness then chances are that you might be suffering from dry eye syndrome.

So, it is always recommended that you must consult a good doctor who would ask you to undergo certain tests based on which he would tell you whether you have dry eye syndrome or not.

One of the basic tests is Schirmer test which tells the amount of tears your eyes can produce.

At Home Tips for Dry Eye Relief

Some at home tips for dry eye syndrome too are said to be effective in getting treated for the same. The most important being that you should keep your house dust free. You should also prevent excessive air movement in your house.

It is best to use air filters in your home. Artificially moisturizing the eyes too is said to be useful. You can use lubricants and eye gels which will keep your eyes moisturized. This way you can get rid of dry eyes

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