Quick, Fastest Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply You Might Not Know

Increase Break Milk Supply Production How to increase breast milk production naturally is one of the most common questions which lactating mothers often ask.

This is so because breast milk is considered to be the best and most essential nutrient when it comes to feeding the new born child.

In fact, the first thing a new born baby needs is the mother’s milk.

While none can deny the benefits of breast milk, a few mothers have been finding it extremely difficult to let their baby drink due to low milk supply in their breasts.

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This post is primarily meant for those lactating mothers who want to increase the supply of breast milk in order to feed their infants.

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During the pregnancy period itself, owing to hormonal changes in the body the breasts start to produce milk.

However, it takes time for your body to understand how much milk will be needed by your infant.

Once the body becomes adapted to this, the breasts will automatically be producing more and more milk for your baby.

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Possible Causes of Low Milk Supply

  • Your baby might not be attaching well to your breasts.
  • Your baby is finding it difficult to feed from your breasts.
  • If you have a past history of breast surgery, then too it is likely that you may have low milk supply.
  • If you are on oral contraceptives then too milk may not be getting produced sufficiently.
  • Some other causes may be you are suffering from Anemia, thyroid, PCOS.

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Benefits of Breast Milk for Your Baby:

Well, if you are wondering whether it is essential to breast feed a child or not, then the answer is YES. It is very important.

Research conducted world over have brought to the conclusion that breast milk is the best milk for your new born. It is regarded as the complete food for the infant.

It not just promotes your baby’s physical and mental growth and development but also acts an immunity booster too.

Here are some of the essential benefits of breastfeeding:

  • Those children who are breastfed are more resistant to diseases and infections.
  • Breastfed children are less likely to suffer from various diseases like heart diseases, juvenile diabetes, cancer at a later stage of their life.
  • Respiratory illnesses too are less likely to occur in those who are breastfed.
  • Such children also suffer from fewer amounts of dental cavities in their lives.

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Breastfeeding Benefits to Mothers:

Those mothers who breastfeed are less likely to suffer from ovarian cancer, breast cancer and develop osteoporosis in their lives.

For lactating mothers it is easier to shed their weight after pregnancy than those who don’t feed their babies.

During Breastfeeding a hormone called as oxytocin is released from the body of the women which helps the uterus to return back to its normal position at a quicker pace.

If women suffer from diabetes, her condition is said to be improve by breastfeeding.

The chances of breast cancer are reduced by as many as 24%.

Breastfeeding develops an emotional relationship between the mother and the child since the beginning.

In the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class, Stacy’s goes in detail as to how breastfeeding is beneficial for the Mom and Baby both.

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How to Increase Breast Milk Production

If you are one of those new moms who are finding it difficult to have an ample amount of milk supply in their breasts, then here are some of the essential tips you can make use of to increase milk naturally:

If you want to breastfeed your child then feed him frequently, not just a few times. This is said to be utmost important when it comes to increasing breast milk.

You should never concentrate on feeding from just one of your breasts, rather feed from both the breasts.

Breast compression is also essential. Just before you start to feed, simply massage your breasts with your hands.

At night time when you sleep, never sleep on your stomach. Since this may compress your breasts and thus the milk supply may be hindered.

Drinking mother’s milk tea too helps lactating mothers. It is a natural tea hence no side effects.

Super Power Foods to Increase Break Milk Supply

Effective Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

1. Fenugreek: Fenugreek for Lactation is one of the most popular home remedies for increasing breast milk production. You can take fenugreek capsules which are available at amazon.

Or else Take some fenugreeks and crush them into powder.

Take 1tbsp of this fenugreek powder and mix it in one glass of milk. Drink around 2-3 glasses of this milk. This home remedy is said to be effective in stimulating the glands which produces milk.

2.  Drumstick juice: It is also said to be quite effective in increasing breast milk.

Just drink ½ glass of drumstick juice on a daily basis.

This helps in opening up the veins around the breasts which in turn increases supply of milk.

3.  Cumin seeds: These too are known to increase breastmilk. Just take 1tbsp of cumin seeds and drink a glass of water before you sit to feed your baby. This increases production of milk.

4. Fennel seeds: These have been found to be effective in stimulating milk production. Studies have also suggested that intake of fennel seeds also helps if your baby has colic.

5. Alfalfa: Many lactating mothers also take alfalfa to increase milk supply naturally. It should however be taken in moderate quantity. It is available in food, tea and capsule form.

6. Oatmeal: In your breakfast take one bowl of oatmeal or oats too helps to increase milk production.

7. Water: Drink as much milk and water as possible.

8. Juices: Include more of juices in your diet. You can drink spinach juice, broccoli juice or tomato juice on a daily basis.

Foods That Increase Breast Milk

Here are some of the most essential foods that increase breast milk and so the lactating mother must have these in her diet:

 9. Spinach

10. Beet leaves

11. Carrots

12. Bottle Guard

13. Basil leaves

14. Garlic

15. Barley

16. Chickpe

17. Brown rice

18. Dill Leaves

19. Almonds

20. Unripe papaya.

Remember, as a new Mom, your aim should be to make Breastfeeding fun for both yourself and your baby rather than a burden. Get an in depth information right here

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