How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy with DiabetesHow to Have a Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes or Can I have a Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes are some of the worrisome questions which a pregnant women may ask their doctor if they are suffering from one or the other type of diabetes.

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Becoming pregnant is a dream come true for any woman, after all every mother wants to hold a sweet and a beautiful baby in her arms.

However, pregnancy is not an easy journey- a 9 months full of anxiety and fear when your complete body is undergoing hormonal changes.

This is in fact even more difficult to tackle by those women who also suffer from diabetes.  

In such a scenario, it becomes important to understand as to how you can have a healthy pregnancy even with diabetes.

There are a number of factors which needs to be taken into consideration so that the health of the baby in the womb is not affected.

Risks Involved for Your Baby if You Have Diabetes

If you are pregnant and suffer from diabetes then your unborn baby might be at the risk of:

  • He may not develop normally
  • He may suffer from congenital abnormalities
  • There are chances of the baby being still born.
  • The newborn may develop diabetes later in his life.
  • The baby may turn out to be an obese child.

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Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy- What You Should Do?

If you are pregnant and suffer from either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes then you have to be extra careful. You should consult an obstetrician who is having a good experience of handling high risk pregnancies.

He will be in a better position to observe you and your baby throughout your pregnancy.

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You should also try to meet a good eye specialist who will monitor your eyes and check out any of the damage caused to eye blood vessels due to diabetes.

Being in touch with a pediatrician is also an excellent idea. Soon after your baby is born, you can contact him and he can give you the inputs needed with regard to your baby’s health and care.


Can I Have a Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes?

In order to avoid high risk diseases, it is important to stay healthy during pregnancy. So, it is essential that you keep a check on your blood sugar level.

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The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse says that a pregnant woman should regularly check her glucose level every day in the morning when she wakes up, before her meals, atleast after an hour she has taken meals, before bed time and also during mid night.

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Apart from this, you can achieve a normal sugar level by reducing or rather stopping smoking and drinking alcohol.

You should also try to avoid eating foods which can increase your weight. It is best to keep your blood sugar level balanced by your eating habits.

Always take medications as has been directed: Your medications is best recommended by your health care provider who may ask you to opt for insulin and in some cases oral medications too during diabetic pregnancy.

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The amount of insulin you would be needing during this course of time would basically depend upon your sugar level and what you are eating.

Healthy Eating Habits is a Must: It is important to follow the principles of healthy eating if you want a healthy pregnancy.

You need to include fruits, vegetables and grains in your daily diet chart.

Talk to your health care provider as to what you can eat and what you should not.

He will give you the list of food items which will keep your blood sugar level under check and thereby avoid any complications too.

Prenatal vitamins which contain folic acid should also be taken during this period.

Stay Active During Pregnancy: In order to have a healthy pregnancy it is very much essential to stay active during your pregnancy.

Try to include more of physical activities but care should be taken as to only those exercises should be included which do not affect the baby in the womb.

Go for walking, swimming or you can even opt for stationary biking too.

Effective Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes

  • Make sure your diabetes is under control even at the time you are trying to become pregnant.
  • You need to increase the intake of folic acid in your diet in order to avoid any birth defects.
  • Tell your health care provider if you have been on any other kind of medicine before you became pregnant.
  • Don’t feel alone or depressed.
  • Surf the net and try to connect with more of diabetic pregnancy women and learn from them the tips and tricks needed for healthy pregnancy.
  • Regular ultrasounds and prenatal checkups are recommended.

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