Best Way to Get Rid of Cramps and Leg Pain In Pregnancy

Best way to get rid of leg cramps and pain during pregnancyCramps and Leg Pain in Pregnancy is one of the most common issues which every pregnant woman suffers from.

I think most of the moms would agree with me- since you too might have experienced it one or the other stage of pregnancy.

These are quite common and sometimes can really become a great source of anxiety too.

 Leg cramps are known to occur during the second and third trimester of pregnancy and are known to strike usually at night time.

These are good enough to give you long sleepless nights and thus a lazy morning too.

So what are you supposed to do if you suffer from severe leg pain?

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Calling the doctor at the very first instance is not a wise idea since there are a whole lot of things which you can do at home too, to prevent the pain from becoming unbearable.

This post will let you know as to how to get rid of leg cramps and leg pain in pregnancy.

Causes of Cramping in Legs During Pregnancy

Leg cramps are a common but thankfully a harmless condition where the leg muscles become extremely tight and painful.

It is known to occur in the calf muscles but may even affect your feet and thigh muscles too. Dehydration, hormonal changes in the body as well as increase in the tummy weight are said to be some of the main causes of leg cramps.

The growing uterus places its pressure on the nerves and blood vessels which ultimately causes leg cramps.

Some other causes may be sitting in wrong posture for long hours as well as standing for a long period of time. Sometimes lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in the body too can cause leg pain.

These are known to last from few seconds to a few minutes. You can surely get rid of these cramps if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising in the right manner.

Preventing Leg Muscle Spasms from Occurring During Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnant women should not simply wait for the leg pain to happen to them; rather they should take all the precautionary measures to prevent it from occurring.

  • A slight change in lifestyle and diet can go a long way in not just treating but preventing the same.
  • Always stay hydrated– dehydration is said to be one of the main causes of leg cramps in pregnant women. Increase the intake of fluids in your diet.
  • Taking magnesium supplements too helps to relieve the pain. You can also take magnesium rich diet like whole grains, cereals, dried fruits, nuts.
  • Eat more of calcium rich foods like broccoli, low fat milk, cheese to ensure your body is not deficient in calcium.


Easiest Way to Get Rid of Leg Pain in Pregnancy

Massaging your leg is said to be one of the best technique to ease the muscle pain. Rub it gently to ease out the muscle tension.

Apart from that massage helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles and thus relieves cramping and pain.

Stretching your affected leg is yet another easy way to get rid of the pain. Just straighten your leg and point your toe up towards your body and then stretch.

Hold your leg in this position till the cramp is really gone. However if you are stretching your legs before going to sleep at night then it will prevent the cramps from occurring at night time.

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Hot or cold compress is said to be quite effective to ease the muscle spasm. Just rub ice on the affected muscle or else take a warm bath. This will ease inflammation and relax the muscles.

At night time you should maintain a proper sleeping pattern too. If you suffer from muscle spasm frequently then it is best to sleep with your toe pointing upwards.

Staying active is known to prevent such pain from occurring during pregnancy. It is always considered to be good not just for the mother but for the baby too if the mother remains engaged in physical activities.

Your footwear too matters a lot. You should not go for high heels during pregnancy rather opt for soft, comfortable shoes or sandals.

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