Using Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection,Nail Fungus,Warts

How to get treated with tea tree oil for skin infections

Using Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection, Nail Fungus, Warts is one of the best ways to get rid of these health/skin issues.
In fact you are not alone if you suffer from any of these problems, rather countless number of people do have these. 

However, if you are looking for some natural ways to get rid of the same these then: Tea Tree Oil is the Solution.

Believe me, there are lots of benefits of using tea tree oil than you could have ever imagined!  Of course, to address all those issues in just one post could not have been possible for me, so I am just focusing myself on some of these only.

In this post, you will read how you can get treated for nail fungus, warts, vaginal infection simply by using tea tree oil.

A lot seems to be said about the wonderful benefits of tea tree oil and how it is almost a miracle oil when it comes to various health and skin care issues.

But most of you won’t be knowing that it is also one of the best alternative treatment available as far as some of the skin issues are concerned, the most common being- yeast infection, nail fungus and warts.

What is Tree Tea Oil?

Before I write about how it helps treat skin conditions it is essential that we should know what exactly is tea tree oil. The other name of this oil is Melaleuca Oil.

It is also one of the essential oils which has a pale yellow to nearly colorless look.

It is basically taken from the leaves of the ‘Melaleuca alternifolia’- a plant which is most common and in fact is a native of South East Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

It is widely used in various cosmetics and is one of the best herbal skin care treatment. Apart from this, it is also in use for treating various health issues.

Tea Tree Oil for Vaginal Infection

If you want to get rid of vaginal infection naturally, then certainly you should look for Tea Tree Oil.

It is diluted and then applied topically to the vaginal area.

There is a compound called as terpinen-4 –ol which is known to help in getting rid of vaginal infection.

It is anti bacterial and anti microbial and hence works on the affected region and helps you get rid of all the anxiety and discomfort which you might be suffering.

Remember you should never apply the tea tree directly on the affected region, it always needs to be diluted.

Tea Tree Therapy Tea Tree Suppository is recommended for those suffering from vaginal or anal infections.  It helps the body get back its balance and thereby treats the same. 

Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus

Fungal infection on the nails is a common problem faced by lots of people.

Sometimes it can also become painful and if you have fungus in your foot finger then certainly you will find it difficult to even walk or wear shoes.

Tea tree oil has been found useful in treating nail fungus in a natural manner.

It is a natural disinfectant and hence heals the infection after repeated usage.

However don’t expect quick results, it might take a few days or week to get complete relief.

You just need to apply the oil on the affected nail twice a day daily and use till it gets cured.

You can even soak a cotton ball and apply it on the nail. Yet another way is to mix olive oil to it and then apply.


Tea Tree Oil for Warts Treatment

The very name ‘wart’ sounds disturbing and yes it is. At times these can be quite painful and irritating as well.

It is basically a hard and benign growth on the skin which is caused by virus.

These can become an embarrassing problem for most of the people.

Since this oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal so it is known to help tackle the virus which causes warts.

Again for natural healing of your skin, you can make use of tea tree oil.

Apply it on the affected region and then leave overnight. You can tie with a bandage too.

Apart from these, tea tree oil has been found to be equally effective in the treatment of :

  • Acne scars
  • Bad breath
  • Body odor
  • Eczema
  • Facial warts
  • Genital herpes
  • Psoriasis
  • Thrush and much more.
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