Halloween Scary Tree Eyes

Halloween Scary Tree EyesIf it’s Halloween, then it has to be something really spooky and creepy.

Be it indoor or outdoor, a Halloween scary tree eyes will become an instant hit amongst the kids and elders alike.

Just have a scary tree in your yard, and you know- it is going to be a visual treat for onlookers. May be a few are scared too!!

If the tree you have chosen for Halloween has spooky eyes, it is all the more good.

After all, the event is all about ghosts and spirits and trees are one of the best medium to convey fear.

The Glowing Owl Eyes Halloween Tree Face is good enough to create that eerie kind of a feeling.

Just look at the eyes- they seem to be bulging out and looking at you as you move around.

Though these are owl eyes but still they look scary, they glow in the dark and in sunlight too.

The resin has been carved in such a way that it looks like wood and owls are peeping out from the wood. These Halloween Scary Tree Eyes are a must for yard. button

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