41+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas (1-12 Month Old Baby)

41 Stocking Stuffers for Baby's First Christmas Never Thought BeforeAn amazing collection of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas!

This post is a must read for you if you are still not sure as to what could be the best stocking stuffers for babies.

I have compiled this massive list to help you pick up the best Christmas gift for babies who are 1month old-12 months old.

Stocking Stuffer for Baby’s First Christmas

Let me start this list by first giving you the perfect examples of some of the best stocking stuffer for those babies who will be celebrating their first Christmas this year.

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These gifts are good gifts for baby boy and baby girl alike. So just have these and let them feel special:

1.Infant car seat: The perfect stocking stuffer for the newborn baby.

It helps the parents to take the baby from car to the stroller with ease. It is very lightweight so it makes it easy to take from one place to the other. Comes with soft cushioning and support for baby’s head. Check It Out

2.Baby Bath Toy Thermometer: A fun toy for the babies who will enjoy taking the bath with the duckie. The thermometer helps the parents to check the water temperature. Check It Out

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger: A perfect gift for the newborn baby who can just enjoy lying in the pillow. Let him relax with ease and may be he falls asleep in this lounger. Being portable, you can carry it wherever you want. Check It Out

4. Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: This is one of those lifesaving gifts for the parents of the newborn babies. Believe me, they will love to get this as baby’s first Christmas gift.

It performs twin functions as sleeper and playtime seat. It is hands free rocking motion so its quite easy for the Mom to pacify the child while she does her work. Check It Out

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5. Personalized Baby Blankets: A personalized baby blanket will look good as baby’s first Christmas present.

The good thing is that you can get it personalized by adding the name of the little one as well as the date of birth. It is available in both pink and blue colors to choose from. Check It Out

6. Cable Sweater, Hat and Hanger Set: This is one of those adorable gift sets for baby’s first Christmas! You will love the embroidered sweater and the matching hat which comes with it. The best of all- get the name of the baby written on it. Check It Out

Baby’s First Christmas Stocking Stuffers



Stocking Stuffers for 1 Month, 2 Month and 3 Month Old Baby

Buying Christmas stocking stuffers for newborn babies is indeed one of the cutest things to do.

Oh, the babies look so adorable, so when it comes to picking up the Christmas gifts for them make sure you are buying something too sweet and useful for them.

They won’t be eating anything at this age, so giving them eatables is almost ruled out. The same thing goes with gifting them some big toys too. Those should not be in your list.

The following stocking stuffers are perfect for 1 month old baby, 2 months old and 3 months old baby:

7. Baby Aspen Gift Set: This is a complete gift set for the newborn baby. Includes 5 little embroidered monkeys which will be much loved by the baby. The set has a plush, blanket, wooden door hanger. The banana rattle in yellow color is what makes it more adorable. Check it Out

8. Crochet Beanie Hat, Clothes Baby Photo Prop: It’s a dream of every new parents to see the perfect photograph of their newborn. This beautiful photo prop could be the best ever gift for the one month old or two month old baby. It is suited for both-baby boy and girls. Check it Out

9. Handprint-Footprint Preserves: There is nothing as beautiful as preserving the hand and footprints of the little one. So, this complete wood frame package is going to be a good gift for baby’s first Christmas. Check It Out

10. Calming Vibrations Cuddle Soother: At times it becomes so tough for the parents to soothe their baby. This is especially true at bed time. This cute looking elephant shaped cuddle soother is just perfect for the one month-two months or three months old baby. They will love to hear the soothing music and vibrations. Check It Out

11.Sassy Go Go Bugs: This is yet another fun way to soothe the little one. The good thing is that you can even take them when you travel. These will not just pacify him but keep him engrossed for a long period of time. The cute look of these characters will make them even more attractive. Check It Out.

Popular Stocking Stuffers for 1-3 Months Old

Stocking stuffers Best Stocking Stuffers for 4 Month, 5 Month and 6 Month Old Baby

Babies within the age of 4-6 months are good enough to start recognizing things. They start developing a relation towards their toys. They enjoy each moment with them.

Along with this, it is also the time when a lot of the babies start developing teeth. So, your stocking stuffers for 4-6 months old baby should be something which can help them in teething as well as keep them engaged too.

12. Rattle and Rock Musical Toy: This is a sweet rattle toy whose sound will be loved by the baby. It is designed in a way that the child can easily hold it in his hands and play. Check It Out

13. Lamaze Clip & Go Firefly Freddie: This is a bright and colorful toy which makes a good stocking stuffer for the babies. It helps to develop their sensory skills and stimulates their vision too. It is a multifunctional toy as it includes a teether, mirror, rings, squeaker and more. Check It Out

14. Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys: Teething keys is indeed one of the best stocking stuffer for 6 months old baby. The child needs something which he can chew and thereby relief from the teething pain.

The combination of hard and soft teething keys is just the right thing to give it to him at this time. These keys helps to provide relief and coolness to the baby’s teeth. Check It Out

15. Baby Einstein Musical Toy: This is a great Christmas gift for 6 months old baby. Designed in the shape of a colorful caterpillar it has around 7 sweet melodies to keep the child happy. Definitely worth having this holiday season. Check it Out

16. Sophie la Girafe: This teether ring in the shape of a giraffe is made from 100% natural rubber, so you know it is very much safe for the little ones’ mouth.

The good thing is that it is built in a way that the baby can hold it easily in his little hands and chew upon. Great for relieving teething troubles. Check It Out

17. Basics Rock a Stack Toy: A good stocking stuffer for 4- 6 months old baby and above, this rock a stack toy will help to develop the mental faculties of the child. It not just keeps him busy but also helps in recognizing different colors too. Check It Out.

Good Christmas Gifts for 4-6 Month Old






Stocking Stuffers for 7 Month Old, 8 Month Old, 9 Month Old Baby

When it comes to buying the Christmas gifts for 7-9 months old baby, the good thing is that you have more options.

The little one starts to eat other than taking milk, so gifting him something related with ‘baby food’ is a great option.

Other than that, you always have the option to give him some good Christmas toys which he can now play with.

He will be able to recognize the colors and even develop his or her own liking towards them. It is also the best time to improve his sensory and motor skills and enhance his mental faculties too.

18. Fresh Food Feeder: Fresh food feeder by Munchkin makes a good stocking stuffer for 7 months old. The good thing about this feeder is that prevents choking risk in the little one. Babies will love to chew and suck the puree you have filled inside. Check it Out

19. Mash and Serve Baby Bowl: This is a useful stocking stuffer for 7 month old baby who is taking food. This bowl helps not just to mesh the fruits but even steaming vegetables. A very good gift for the baby ! Check It Out

20. Soft Bib With Deep Pocket: Truly a unique kind of bib for the little ones. What makes it different is the deep pocket which comes with it, so whenever baby moves here and there or the food falls, it does not spoil the clothes. An innovative concept indeed. Check It Out

21. Hook on Chair: Yet another awesome stocking stuffer for 7 months and above. This is a must have for you if you travel often. It can get attached to the table with ease and can be folded once the baby has finished the meals. Check It Out

22. Probiotic Baby Cereal: Organic Probiotic Cereal is one of the best foods to give to the babies. Since it contains probiotic, so you know it will have a good effect on the baby’s digestive system as well. It is also good for baby’s overall development too. Check It Out.

23. Cloud B Sound Machine Soother Sleep Sheep: Let your bundle of joy sleep in peace with this sleep sheep soother. It has around 8 soothing sounds which have a calming effect on the baby and he sleeps well. This is good to make the little one sleep for longer hours at night. Check It Out.

Cool Christmas Gifts for 7-9 Month Old Baby

Stocking Stuffers for 10 Month Old, 11 Month Old, 12 Month Old Baby

Babies who are 10-12 month old are more active, energetic and aware. They start recognizing things and even in a way develop their own like or dislike towards things.

This is also the right time to introduce some good story books and make him aware about his surroundings with focus on animals, birds, plants etc.

24. My First Photo Album: With a year almost complete, this is the right time to start creating a photo album for the little one. It can include all the memories of the one year.

Now the child will be able to recognize the family members so he will love to go through the photo album. This one is able to hold around 15 photos. Check It Out

25. First Hundred Words: Now is also the right time to make the baby start learning some simple words like chair, dog, ball etc. So this book on ‘First Hundred Words’ is quite apt to be given as a stocking stuffer which introduces some of the basic words to the child. Check It Out

26. Toothbrush and Teether: 10-12 months is also the right time to give toothbrush training to the little one. This one is a toothbrush and teether both, in the shape of a banana. Check It Out

27. Singing Soccer Ball: This is a unique kind of soccer ball which ensures that your baby is able to learn and interact while he plays with it. It has some fun sounds and music too. The ball will help the baby to learn about different words, numbers, colors and lots more. Check It Out

28. Dear Zoo Lift the Flap Book: This is one of the most popular zoo books which is fun for the baby to look at. He will love the amazing zoo animals, and even start recognizing them. This is perfect stocking stuffer for pre-readers. Check It Out

29. Touch n Crawl Tiger: This is a good Christmas gift for 12 months old baby who have started to crawl and walk. It plays music and good sounds which is loved by the little ones. Check it Out

Best Christmas Gifts for 10-12 Month Old Baby



Some More……
Popular Stocking Stuffers for 1-12 Month Old Baby

Apart from all of the best and unique stocking stuffer for babies mentioned above, here are some more popular ones which too will make a great gift. Check them out:

30. Baby’s First Christmas Card

31. Baby Christmas Ornament

32. Photo Personalized Christmas Stocking

33. Owl Nursery Decor

34. Christmas Pattern Baby Bib

35. Baby’s First Twelve Months Frame

36. Santa Baby Booties

37. Baby’s Precious Memories Box

38. I Love Santa Baby Pacifier

39. Chevron Diaper Bag

40. Health Care Booster Seat

41. Splash Animals

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