Our First Year Together Christmas Ornaments for Newly Wed Couples

14 Best Our First Year Together Christmas OrnamentsIf you are looking for ‘Our First Year Together Christmas Ornaments’ then believe me or not you must be having goose bumps!!

This is one of the most common questions faced during the holidays:

What to Buy a Newly Wed Couple for Christmas?

After all First Christmas post wedding matters so much.

It is one of those special days when you can flaunt to the world that ‘both of you are togther’.

So, you need to give your partner a gift which she can treasure for the rest of her life.

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And there is nothing as good as ‘First Christmas Ornaments’ and I am pretty sure this will leave fond memories in their minds.

Infact, these are one of those meaningful First Christmas Gifts for Newly Weds

These are worth trying for because on each Christmas they would surely remember it.

I have chosen some of the best ornaments for newlyweds, have a look at and of course choose the one which suits you the best.

Our First Year Together Christmas Ornaments


1. Precious Moments “Our First Christmas Together ” :

‘Precious Moments’ is always known to bring for you gifts which are not just of good quality but touches our heart as well.

This beautiful ornament features a cute just married couple who are holding a big wreath together.

The banner in the wreath reads “Our First Christmas”.

This is a hand painted ornament and looks as a perfect gift for newly wed couples. Get it Now

2.Our First Christmas Snowman Ornament by Generic

This is such a beautiful snow couple from Kurt Adler and it looks so pretty.

You will love the cute little white hearts in the shape of a big heart.

There are two more hearts (one at the top, the other at the bottom)as well on which you can write the name of the couple.

All you need is to email the company with the names and year of marriage.

The couple looks so much in love. Get it Now


3. Kurt Adler Snowman Couple Our 1st Christmas Together Disc Ornament:

This is yet another snowman couple from Kurt Adler and it looks so much pretty.

You will love the snowflake background in the ornament and couple standing together sharing a beautiful moment.

It comes with a red ribbon to tie.

Couples look so sweet all dressed up in the winter clothes with scarf, caps, gloves and shoes. Get it Now

4. First Christmas Wedding Lane 2016 hand painted glass ornament:

A unique and beautiful ornament to celebrate your ‘First Year Christmas Together’!

What makes it a must have is that it is hand painted frosted round glass ornament.

It shows snowman couple wearing traditional wedding attire.

In the background you can see Christmas tree, a lamp post where you can add the wedding date and year.

The couples’ name can be written on the lower hump of snow couples. Get it Now

5. Our First Christmas As Mr and Mrs Tree Ornament Personalized:

A beautiful Christmas ornament in the shape of a Christmas tree is all what makes this so pretty and amazing.

This will indeed be a good gift for couples celebrating their first year as Mr. and Mrs.

It is made from eco friendly sustainable wood. It can be personalized as well.

It carries a red ribbon on top for hanging the ornament. Get it Now

6. Liberty Pewter Our First Christmas 2016 Heart Pewter with Austrian Crystals:

If you are looking for “Our First Year Together Christmas Ornament” in heart shape, then go ahead with this one.

It is one of those delicate and awesome ornaments which speak so much of the couples love and togetherness.

If you look closely you can see two hearts joined together.

One side carries crystals while the other side has a smooth finish. Get it Now


7. Always and Forever Bride and Groom Ornament:

This is indeed one of the most romantic Christmas ornament for the newlyweds.

It features the bride and groom holding each other together looking straight into the eyes.

The bride is also holding a bouquet in her hands. This one is definitely not to be missed.

It will make the perfect gift for those looking for “Our First Year Together Christmas Ornaments”. Get it Now

8. Wedgwood 2016 Our 1st Christmas, Blue:

Love birds are of the most popular theme when it comes to wedding.

In fact, love birds themed wedding invitations, stationary etc are so much in demand.

So, if you too are fascinated by these pretty birds, why not have this beautiful Christmas Ornament which features love birds.

It is made from porcelain and both the birds are holding a ‘white heart’ in between. Get it Now

9. Engravable Interlocking Hearts Christmas Ornaments:

Beyond doubt, there is nothing as beautiful as ‘interlocked hearts’.

This will be much loved by those couples who got recently married and now would be celebrating their First Christmas Together.

Hearts interlocked together speaks volume of your love for each other and the belief that both of you are inseparable. Get it Now

10. Silver Plated First Christmas Ornament:

If you are looking for a sweet and elegant First Christmas Ornament to be given as gift, then I suggest you need to have this one.

It is silver plated ornament which features two beautiful hearts.

One is a big heart which says ‘Our First Christmas’ while the other is a small heart inside the bigger one where the year has been added.

It comes with a ribbon which makes it look pretty all the more. Get it Now

11. Waterford Our First Christmas Together Ornament:

This is worth having ornament for Christmas season. This ornament has been created by Waterford and is meant to be for newlyweds.

Either you want to give it to the newlyweds or those who are about to get married in the coming months.

This is a crystal plated metal and has colorful crystal gyms imbibed which gives it the much needed look.

The perfect combination of silver metal and colorful crystals makes it worth recommended for the couples who have been married recently.

Apart from this, it has been packaged in a beautiful Waterford box and thus makes a worth it gift this Christmas.

This ornament would surely make a beautiful addition to the list of the gifts which the couples would be getting. Get it Now


12. Our First Christmas Ornament Style 6:

Perhaps one of the best gifts for newly wed couples designed by Silverfox.

These personalized ornaments come with beautiful blue snowflakes which will makes it look all the more good on a white background.

It will be a beautiful reminder to them about their new relationship.

The first names of both husband and wife would appear in the ornament.

It is available in the diameter of 3” and comes with a gold metallic cord which makes them easy to be hanged.

On this ornament you can write the name of the bride and the groom along with the year of marriage too.

The good thing is you can email the company before you buy this for personalization. Get it Now

13. Personalized Heart Tree Trunk Christmas Ornament:

This one is indeed of the most adorable Christmas Ornament for newlyweds.

It includes eco friendly Adler wood surface which is just perfect for the ornament.

The name of the couple can be engraved on this ornament.

It features love birds sitting on a tree branch.

The design has a rustic feeling to it which makes it all the more amazing. Get it Now

14. LCP Gifts Our First Christmas Snowflake Red Metal Photo Ornament

What is better than a photo frame to be given to a newlywed and if it has ‘Our First Christmas’ inscribed on it is all the more better.

This is going to be a successful reminder of those beautiful moments which they have spent together.

The couples would definitely love this snowflake photo ornament. This one comes with a red ribbon too so it is easy to hang as well.

It has white snowflakes on the border which gives it a more beautiful look.

This beautiful snowflake ornament will be a delight to decorate on your tree.

Being available in metal, it measures around 3 3/4inches by inches in size.

What I basically like about this metal frame is the awesome quote written on it: “Three things will last forever- faith, hope and love”. Get it Now

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