Unique Ideas to have an Eco Friendly Green Christmas

How to Have an Ecofriendly Christmas

Unique Ideas to have an Eco Friendly Green Christmas

If you have decided to have an eco friendly green Christmas this year; it is all the more good- not just for your environment but for your wallet as well.

In fact, Christmas time is one of the best times when we have beautiful colors and decorations around.

If you think celebrations and concern for green living don’t go hand in hand then perhaps you would be finding this article interesting to read.

In this post, I am sharing some of the most interesting and awesome ways in which you can celebrate Christmas with great fervor without even harming the environment.

Probably some of you might be thinking as to why should one go for a green Christmas when we have all the money and resources to enjoy the most lavish Christmas.

That’s true for most of you but have you ever considered the extent of food crisis which our world undergoing at present?

Or the level of animal extinction which has become the order of the day perhaps.

You might also be aware of the present economic slowdown which has made a hole in our coffers.

As an able and concerned citizens of this planet we have to take each and every step possible to prevent excessive chopping of trees, tons of garbage which gets accumulated in the Christmas parties as well as millions of megawatts of light which is wasted.

If we can have all this without hurting the environment then why not?

Sustainable development is the need of the hour and we all have to be a participant rather than a spectator.

Tips for Having a Green Christmas

When it comes to having a Christmas tree it is good to choose the ones which are grown on tree farms because they are not being cut down from the nature’s forests.

These trees can be purchased at the retail. Live potted trees are a good choice  because they can be used for longer years.

Once you have decorated your Christmas tree and the party is over, you can even take your tree to the recycling yard where they can be recycled.

Prefer not to buy the Plastic Trees because huge amount of petroleum goes in their manufacturing process.

Apart from this, fossil fuels are being used for harvesting them.

For home decoration ideas, you can add fruits or nuts to your masterpiece or pine cones also. This will given a organic touch to your decorations.

Your Christmas tree too should be decorated with green environment friendly items alone.

Instead of going for luxurious ones, why not go for simple ornaments  like dried citrus, apples or rather cinnamon sticks on your Christmas tree.

It would be even more beautiful if you make strings from popcorns or cranberries which would be worth looking for.

You can even spread peanut butter on your pine cones. For your outdoor Christmas tree, it is good if you spread nuts around the tree because they can very well serve as the food for squirrels and birds.

If you love presenting Christmas greeting cards to your friends and relatives it’s better that you opt for eco friendly Christmas cards.

These cards are printed on recycled paper and hence does not harm the forests. You can even prefer to send e-cards.

Yet another interesting option is to make handmade Christmas cards which are not just more beautiful but speaks volume of your personal touch and love as well.

Try to be innovative: You can even make use of old ties, necklaces, rings, craft papers, seashells, yarns etc for decoration purposes.

Tips for Environment Friendly Christmas

Gift wrapping should be taken care of because we tend to waste tons of ribbons and gift papers doing that.

Go ahead and wrap your green Christmas gifts in newspapers, recycled bags, magazines covers or even old calendars would be a good option.

You can even use environment friendly wrapping paper for gift wrapping.

Care needs to be taken with regard to Christmas lights too.

Of course none can deny that Christmas tree looks beautiful only when it is sparkling in dark, even your house needs light decorations.

But instead of purchasing costly lights, these days solar power lights for Christmas are becoming increasingly popular.

Always remember to turn the lights off when you go to sleep be it the tree lights or house decorating lights. LED lights for house are a good option to go with.

“Green Christmas Is My Christmas”

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Christmas

Thinking of some of the best eco friendly Christmas gifts for your friends and not able to find something really amazing. 

Well, then go ahead and check out these good Christmas gifts which I have listed below. I am pretty sure you will be able to pick up that ‘special one’.

Go for small plants, flower plants, small trees  which could be wonderful green Christmas gifts. Also, skip petroleum based candles rather gift natural soy or candles made from beeswax.

It is sometimes very tough to choose kids toys and gifts and so we end up gifting them battery operated products.

But if you plan for a green Christmas, the best gifts could be taking them to a children’s theatre performance.

Give them a pair of good books or costumes.  You can even ask them to make craft decorations which will even enhance their creativity.

You can even think of purchasing clothes which are made from organic cotton, hemp or bamboo. These are not just eco-friendly but also cool to wear.

As far as your wine and food is concerned, there is whole lot of organic foods as well as wine which is available today.

You can even opt for organic coffee beans too. Conventional food shops have these in supply.

So, these are some of the unique ideas to have an eco friendly green Christmas this year.

Do you have any more to add to the list. Would be happy to hear what’s  your idea of having a environment friendly Christmas? Do mention in the comment box below.


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