9 Best Christmas Gifts for Makeup Lovers and Makeup Artists

christmas gifts for makeup loversThe holidays are fast approaching and you are still puzzled as to what could be the Best Christmas gifts for makeup lovers

Mostly Girls (me included) are crazy about Makeup. Yes..it can make us go wild to grab that new lipstick shade or the nail color.

However when it comes to finding the right holiday gift for makeup artists or makeup junkies, it can proved a bit trivial. You appear somewhat lost-

Exactly Should I buy as Christmas Gift for Makeup Lover Friend?

Well, you are not alone, there are many more like you and this post is exactly written to help you make the right decision. After all it’s a gift and you certainly don’t want to let her down.

Before you pickup any of the gifts mentioned in this post, I ask you to do a simple task…yeah its quite simple!!

Believe Me!!
You just need to think a bit (oh it’s not that tough for sure)

You should think in your mind as to what is the best thing or rather favorite thing which she likes in makeup-

Is it the eye makeup?
Is it adding nail art or nail colors on her nails?
Is it having lots and lots of lipstick shades?
Does she love all or everything related with makeup- be it bronzers, blush, foundation?

That’s it!

If you have been able to answer any of the above questions well, then you can pick up the right gift for her. If she is crazy about eye makeup, I suggest you buy a complete Eye Makeup Kit and in the similar fashion a “Lipstick Kit” or “Nail Color Set”.

However if you are unsure about what she likes the most, then the best thing is to gift her a complete makeup set. In fact, lots of brands come up with amazing holiday gift sets for makeup lovers during the Christmas season and you can have any of these.

Remember: When buying the best Christmas gift for makeup lovers or makeup artists, its not to do with just makeup alone, you can even thing about gifting her a makeup organizer, makeup bag, makeup brush holder and lots more.

Here are my Top Holiday Gift Sets for Makeup Lovers
1. Travel Makeup Bag Organizer as Holiday Gift:

A makeup travel bag will make a great Christmas present for makeup lovers.

This is one of those spacious cosmetic bags which will help her keep all her makeup essentials at one place as she goes traveling.

It can hold long brushes, your powders and lipsticks with ease. Certainly you dont have to fear them breaking out too. Get it at Amazon
Here are some more Makeup Bags which you can give as a holiday gift to makeup artists

2. Makeup and Jewelry Organizer:

One of the top holiday gifts for makeup lovers is the two in one makeup and jewelry organizer. It is a must have as it prevents your room from becoming a cluttered space.

Keep everything well organized at one, so there is no chance of anything getting lost. It has separate drawers for keeping each of your makeup products as well as jewelry items. Get it at Amazon
Check out some more Makeup Organizers which make a great gift too:

makeup cosmetic bag holiday gift for makeup loversmakeup cosmetic bag holiday gift for makeup lovers3.Personalised Medium Size Cosmetic Bag:

Another good Christmas present for makeup lovers could be a Cosmetic Bag which can be Personalised as well with their name. Yes, this is one of those makeup bags which you can get customised and flaunt it with love and style. Get it at Zazzle

holiday gift for makeup artistsmakeup cosmetic bag holiday gift for makeup lovers4. Personalised Compact Mirror: 

Compact mirror is one of those things which tend to get lost more often, so about gifting your makeup addict friend a Customised Compact Mirror as a Christmas Gift.

This makes a good Xmas Gift Idea for Makeup  Lovers. All you need to do is to personalize it and add your name to it. Get it at Zazzle
5. Makeup Brush Holder:

This is one of those adorable makeup brush holders which will make a good Christmas Gift Idea for Makeup Lovers.

The golden touch along with white pearls give it a royal look. Make sure not to miss this one. Get it at Amazon

6. LED Lighted Makeup Mirror:

A Vanity Mirror is a must have for all the makeup artists. Any beautiful makeup might look wrong if the light is not properly adjusted.

In fact, poor light can simply ruin the look. So how about gifting this beautiful Makeup Mirror as a Holiday Gift to makeup lovers.

With 21 LED lights, you can use it in any of the dark or dim areas too with ease. The good thing is that you can even adjust the brightness of the mirror. Get it at Amazon

7. Makeup Mugs for Women:

If you are still unsure about what gift to give to makeup lovers, then certainly you will count on this one. This coffee mug is quite apt for those who can never leave the house without makeup. Get it at Amazon.

8. Makeup Manual:

This is a must read makeup manual for everyone who is interested in makeup- be she a beginner or a pro.

This book will go a long way in understanding even the smallest of makeup essentials like skin care, cleansing, using brushes, applying lipstick etc. Get it at Amazon

9. Nail Polish Holder:
This makes a unique Christmas Stocking Stuffer for Makeup Lovers who simply love nail colors.

This is one of those holders which will make applying nail color so easy, it can adjust to as many as 40 prime positions so you can apply nail polish according to your ease. Get it at Amazon

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