15 Most Unique Christmas Presents for Food Lovers

15 most amazing christmas gifts for food loversChoosing the best Christmas presents for food lovers appears a daunting task to some. Often the first question which comes in mind is:

What to get a foodie for Christmas?

Are there any gifts for food lovers available?

Well honestly speaking, picking up the right holiday gift for your foodie friend is not that difficult.

This is so because there are so many amazing gifts available online which will not just make your friend happy but will leave him surprised as well.

It was really interesting and fun to write this post, because I was myself amazed to find out that such unique kind of gifts for foodies exist. 

Well, you don’t have to work hard now, since I have done the work for you.

I have handpicked some of the best christmas presents for food lovers right here.

So, you can just go and buy any of these. Believe me he will thank you for your choice.

Unique Christmas Presents for Food Lovers


Unicorn Sprinkles Sugar Shaker

christmas presents for food lovers1. Unicorn Sprinkles Sugar Shaker

A perfect sprinkles sugar shaker in the shape of a Unicorn. This can make the right Christmas gift for your foodie friend especially if he is good at baking or is a cake decorator.

Just sprinkle your treats for some dazzling effect and its ready to be served ! Check Details



One Click Stick Butter Cutter

christmas presents for food lovers

2. Perfect butter cutter

A truly unique gift for the foodie friend! This butter cutter comes with a stainless steel blade which helps in evenly slicing the butter.

No longer messy knives to clean and good to impress your friends too! Check Details


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

christmas presents for food lovers

3. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

There is nothing better than to have a good breakfast in the morning. A sandwich maker is one thing which is most loved by the foodies.

After all, who doesn’t love to eat food readied in just 5 minutes..so you can have that extra five minutes to sleep MORE.

Now you can prepare your favorite food- bacon, cheese, eggs, ham sandwich and much more on the go. Check Details


Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster

christmas presents for food lovers


4. Hot dog toaster

If your foodie friend is obsessed with hot dogs, then I suggest this is a good Christmas gift for him.  It is fun and easy to make hot dogs in a lesser amount of time with this toaster.

Even the color looks amazing. You don’t have to depend upon your Mom to make these anymore. In fact, No hassles just hot dogs. Check Details. 


Rapid Egg Cooker

christmas presents for food lovers

5. Rapid egg cooker

Want eggs to be cooked or boiled up in a few seconds only, then Rapid egg cooker is  for you.

This is one of the most amazing ways to make eggs the way you want them- hard boiled, soft boiled or omlette.

 And the best thing: you get a free recipe book too. Get a healthy breakfast now with so much ease.

This indeed makes a great Christmas present for food lovers. Get Details


Little Cattle Toothpick Dispenser

christmas presents for food lovers6. Little cattle toothpick dispenser

This is such a cute little toothpick dispenser in orange. It will look just amazing in the kitchen or dining table. You just need to press the top to let the toothpicks come out.

It will make a great gift for anyone who loves to collect unique kitchen things.

It will keep your toothpick hygienically safe and make your guests smile too. Get Details


Herbs Storage Saver

christmas presents for food lovers7. Herb storage saver

If your foodie friend is health conscious as well, then it is most likely he will be including more of herbs in his diet.

So why not gift him a Herb Storage Saver which will not just save the herbs but keep them fresh as well?

In fact, it is one of the brilliant gifts ever. Since the herbs stems remain immersed in water, so they remain fresh for as many as 3 weeks.

A great Christmas gift for organic food lovers. Get Details.


Camera Lens Travel Coffee Mug

christmas presents for food lovers8. Camera Lens Travel Coffee Mug

Looking for a unique gift for coffee lover friend? Well, there can’t be anything better than this for sure. This is a travel coffee mug in the shape of camera lens.

The way it has been designed makes it completely unique and worth gifting as well.

It can keep your coffee hot for long hours and will certainly be a nice travel companion as well. Get Details.


Egg Mold Rabbit. Bear Shape

christmas presents for food lovers9. Egg Mold, Rabbit and Bear

Another unusual Christmas gift for food lovers! This egg mold can make your hard boiled eggs turn in the shape of rabbit and bear which looks too sweet.

In fact, your kids will love to have these as the first thing in the morning.The mold is made of plastic and you have to be careful while peeling and putting the egg in the mold.

This is something different and definitely worth gifting. Check Details


Water Infuser Bottle

christmas presents for food lovers10. Infuser water bottle

Staying hydrated is indeed one of the best and most essential aspects of our life. So, an infuser water bottle makes a great gift for those who want to stay fit and hydrated both.

This bottle can help you make any kind of flavored beverage. You can use almost anything be it lemon, strawberries, mint, orange and get your favorite fruit infuser water ready in just a few minutes.

This makes a good Christmas gift present food lovers. Check Details


Cheese Scrapper

christmas presents for food lovers

11. Girolle Cheese Scraper

A cheese scraper is one of the most unique Christmas gifts for chef friends. It helps in creating beautiful cheese flowers with so much ease and perfection.

If you are active in hosting parties then make sure you have this. Guests will love those delicate cheese curls for appetizers. Check Details



Portion Control Pasta Basket

christmas presents for food lovers12. Portion Control Pasta basket

For all those who are crazy about Pasta but worry about the extra calories as well, this portion control pasta basket can be the best gift ever.

So, now you can eat pasta without having the guilt that you have eaten a ‘bit more’. This basket helps you prepare pasta in just the right quantity.

Another good thing is that it is suited not just for pasta but for steaming other vegetables as well. Check Details


Coffee Stencils Template

christmas presents for food lovers13. Coffee barista stencils template

Now you can make your coffee customized to your preference with this coffee barista stencils template. This is what we call as ‘creativity at its best’.

Make sure your coffee is not just plain coffee any more, rather get it designed with these 16 cute and funny patterns.

Some of the patterns include LOVE, I Heart You. So this could be the best way to express your love as well. Indeed a clever and cute gift for coffee lovers. Get Details


4 in 1 Slicer

christmas presents for food lovers14. 4 in 1 Mandoline Slicer

This can make the right Christmas gift for moms who love to cook.

Cooking different varieties is not so easy, so just give your mom or your food lover friend this 4 in 1 Madoline Slicer and make their work easy.

It is multipurpose as it can work as vegetable cutter, slicer, peeler and grater as well.

Imagine how much cooking time can be reduced owing its fully functional and great features. In fact, it is a must have in for every culinary expert. Check Details

presents for food lovers

Panda Sandwich Cutter

christmas presents for food lovers15. Panda Bread Cutter

One of the cutest gifts ever could be this Panda Bread Cutter. This will be so much loved by any Panda lover especially the little kids.

In fact, eating sandwich could be fun with these Pandas. A perfect gift for those who have a picky eater at home. Check Details

Some More Christmas Presents for Food Lovers or Chefs

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