11 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Daughter from Mom Dad

11 amazing christmas gifts for daughter from mom dadPicking up the best and amazing Christmas gifts for daughter from mom dad can sometimes prove to be quite tough.

Agreed- you know her likes and dislikes, you know her the way no one else knows her in the world, but when it comes to picking up a gift ….its a big big CHAOS.

Christmas is one time when you really want to gift her something which not just makes her happy rather it makes her remember for years to come.

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Most of the time, mom and dad buy a photo frame, Christmas card, Christmas ornament or Christmas Stockings for their princess. These too are worth gifting but imagine giving her the same gift every year? It simply doesn’t make sense.

So, it’s time to move on and try something different and unique- something which might have never thought about in her wildest dreams.

As parents, picking up the right Christmas gifts for daughter might appear a big task, so in order to make your task quite easy, I have outlined this amazing guide of “Christmas gifts for daughter” which will certainly help you in gifting your beloved one of the best ever gifts this Christmas.

If your daughter loves and loves makeup, then here are some easy to have Christmas gifts for her. She will definitely love to get these amazing gifts from you.

1. Nail Polish Nail Lacquers Set

It can be the right gift for your daughter who will be amazed to see not just 5 or 10 or 20 nail polish, rather 48 Pieces of Trendy Nail Colors.

Each color of the set is different from the other and so your daughter will have a pretty large collection to choose from.

Worth the price, I must say. And yes, you even get 5 Nail Fliers completely FREE with this set. Check it Out

In order to complete the gift set, you can also include the set of 45 Sheets Nail Art Stickers if your daughter loves nail art.

These will let her enhance her nails with more beautiful and artistic designs.Get it at Amazon

2. Cosmetic storage organizer:

It can also be the right kind of Christmas Gift for your Daughter. This is simply perfect as she can organize not just her makeup essentials rather her jewelry too in this Cosmetic Organizer with ease.

It comes with removable drawers which slide out easily and so you can always take out your jewelry without any issues.

The organizer is adequate for all kinds of makeup products be it lip liners, eye liners, lip glosses as well as jewelry.

Being clear acrylic, it makes it easy to see through as to which product is in which drawer.

Certainly the right way to organize all your makeup accessories at one place!! Check it out at Amazon

Another good idea is to include a Cosmetic Wristlet Bag with the Cosmetic Organizer. Polka Dots Monogram Cosmetic Bag looks pretty cute and just perfect for your darling. You can get it customised too and so add her name initials and gift it to her. Get it at Zazzle

3. An Alarm Clock to Make Her Mornings Beautiful and Wonderful:

If you daughter simply doesn’t like to wake up in the mornings with that boring rough and tough kind of alarm clock, then you will love to hear this soothing and pleasant alarm clock.

In fact, if you look at the details of this alarm clock, you will get to know that it is much more than just a wake up clock. It has so many more features to it:

  • Radio
  • Auto time set up
  • Sleep timer
  • Audio input for smartphones
  • Listen to your favorite music on iPhone or i Pad
  • The light is just soothing to the eyes and it comes with dimming options too.

You can check out the complete List of functions at Amazon.

Just let your daughter get this amazing and easy to use alarm clock and she will be so happy and thankful to you. This will truly make a useful Christmas Gift for Your Daughter. Get it at Amazon

4. Coffee Maker as Holiday Gift for Daughter:

A wonderful cup of coffee can certainly make your daughter’s day.

So let her wake up and grab her best coffee every morning with this super successful BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker.

It is not just your average coffee maker; rather it has some amazing striking features which make it a SUPER Coffee Maker:

It comes with a programmable timer which makes it easy for you to brew coffee when you want it.
You don’t need paper filters as it already comes with permanent filter.

You will love the pause and serve feature of this coffee maker which lets you pour the cup while the coffee is still brewing. Get it at Amazon

In order to complete the morning gift, along with the coffee maker you can even include a Toaster Oven for your daughter to make the perfect Christmas Gift for Her

One of the best toaster ovens which has been received some rave reviews at amazon is the Hamilton Beach 31335 Ensemble 6-Slice Toaster Oven.

It is a six slice toaster and an oven too. Your daughter wouldn’t have ever asked for anything better than this useful and great holiday gifts for her. Get it at Amazon

Christmas Gifts for Your Daughter’s Room:
5. A Shoe Rack:

If you daughter has a penchant for shoes be it hip hop style, pumps, wedges or sandals, then surely needs a nice shoe rack for her room.

This is a wonderful Christmas gift idea for your daughter. A very sturdy and reliable organizer for your shoes!

It can hold as many as 20 pair of shoes with ease. It can even fit in the cabinet or closet too. Get it at Amazon

6. Under bed storage:

An under bed storage is perfect for your daughter if she is still in school or college and has the habit of studying on her bed only (like me). But I wish I could have ever found this before when I was studying.

The best aspect of this product is that she can keep all her essential belongings right by the side of her bed and she doesn’t have to run here and there for that extra file, pen or paper, tissue or mobile.

It is spacious enough and comes with 3 deep pockets and 3 mesh pockets. Get it at Amazon

Customised Christmas Gifts for herCustomised Christmas Gifts for her7. Customised Pouf as a Holiday Gift for Daughter:

A customized pouf looks like a perfect gift for your darling daughter’s room. You can pick up this beautiful Red Damask Pattern Pouf for your girl’s room.

These poufs add a touch of luxury and comfort to any room and I am pretty sure, your daughter too would love to have one in her room for watching tv or playing video games or for the girly talk.

The round pouf as well as the cube shaped pouf both are available at zazzle, and these can get customised too. You can add your daughter’s name or initials on these poufs and make these truly hers’.

Get it at Zazzle

Customised Christmas Gifts for herCustomised Christmas Gifts for her

8. Customised Unicorn Laptop Sleeve:

A laptop sleeve with your daughter’s initial is also a great gift idea.

She can secure her laptop in this sleeve and it is great to carry while she is traveling or going to college.

If she loves Unicorns, then certainly this cute Laptop Sleeve is for her !! This will make a unique Christmas Present for Daughter who will love it for sure. Get it at Zazzle

Customised Christmas Gifts for herCustomised Christmas Gifts for her9. Personalised Thermal Tumbler:

A cute floral Personalised Thermal Tumbler will make a great stocking stuffer for daughter this Christmas. This is a good gift for her which she can take almost anywhere she wants.

This thermal tumbler looks cute with those pretty floral work. You can add your daughter’s name in the pink frame and make it a unique gift for her. Get it at Zazzle.

Customised Christmas Gifts for herCustomised Christmas Gifts for her

10. Personalized Instagram Photo Notebook:

Any college girl would adore this photo notebook. If it is going to be a Christmas gift for her then certainly all the more good.

Your daughter would love to get this as a holiday gift. She can share her memories in this notebook along with her best pics too. Get it at Zazzle

Customised Christmas Gifts for herCustomised Christmas Gifts for her

11. Photo Collage Coffee Mug as Christmas Gift:

If you are thinking will it be worth it to gift your daughter just a Coffee Mug on Christmas, then let me tell you- this one is different, unique and memorable coffee mug.

The best aspect about this mug is that it can be personalized with the images of your daughter– this is what makes it so unique and special.

You can add as many as 3 images of your daughter on this coffee mug. This is a keepsake she will love to treasure for years to come. Available at Zazzle

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