Unique Wall Mounted Jewelry Box for Organized Jewelry

Wall Mounted Jewelry Box for your HomeWall mounted jewelry box is for those women who are passionate about their jewelry and want to keep it well organized!!

Yes, I know you too must be one of them…just like me!!!

This jewelry box is primarily for women:

  • Who for long have been thinking  of keeping their earrings, bracelets, rings etc in a proper place;
  •  Whose kids are small and you have the fear of them spoiling your jewelry or rather they might eat them …(My little one loves to play with my bangles, rings but I am also always fearful that he might get hurt and even some would be lost)
  • Women who want to utilize the space available in the house.
  • If you have a small house and you are looking for the best place to keep your jewelry.
  • Want to prevent the clutter which arises from jewelry kept here and there
  • Want each and every piece of jewelry well organized and at the right place

The worst effect which I have seen with keeping the jewelry in the drawers is that most of the time half of the earrings or bracelets just remain invisible or rather get lost.

So, we are left with picking up whatever we tend to find at that time. Often our schedule is busy and we might have to go out for a party or just want to get dressed up well, at such times it is equally frustrating to keep searching for that lost ring or a hair clip.

But, a wall mounted jewelry armoire helps to save our time and energy too.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Box with Mirror

SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire with Mirror, Oak:

This one is a beautiful wall mounted jewelry box with mirror. The front side has an oak finish.

It is good and sturdy enough with lots of space to keep your jewelry at one place.

What is included:

  • Hanging hooks for necklaces
  • A jewelry mirror
  • Earring notches
  • Cushioned ring rows
  • Storage bins.
  • Double hook section
  • It comes with a modern key and lock and so you know that your precious jewelry is always safe and secure.

This can even make a great wedding anniversary gift for your wife.

Wall Mount Jewelry Box With Lock :


Jewelry box with lock is specially good for those who have small kids at home or if the space if being shared by many members. This just keep your jewelry safe and secure.


Wall Mounted Jewelry Box in White

Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire, White:

If your mornings have been stressful for the fear of searching the right pair of earrings or picking up the necklace which matches your dress, then this amazing wall mount jewelry box is a must for you.

In fact you will be quite surprised to see the wide storage possible- it can hang as many as 36 necklaces, around 48 earrings and 96 rings !!! Wow…I am impressed. 

It even has compartments to keep your watches and bracelets too.

The jewelry armoire comes with a mirror which is easy to hang on the door. So, once you are ready you can always see yourself before going out.




How it is different from other wall mounted jewelry organizers?

Apart from the space and quality of this armoire, the best thing which I really appreciated is that it is easy to hang on the door.

So, it can fit in even the smallest of rooms with ease.

It also includes a lock and key so you can always be confident with regard to the safety of your jewelry.

Another Great Benefit for Fashionistas: Yet another key aspect of this jewelry box is that you can even keep your makeup too in this.

Thus, it’s not just your jewelry alone rather makeup essentials which can be properly organized.


Best Choice Products® Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Organizer Storage Wall Mount

Yet another sturdy and well built wall mounted jewelry cabinet organizer for women who want to keep their necklaces, earrings, rings etc at one and proper place.

It is made of wood and comes with a mirror along with a lock and key.

The double hook set makes it easy to keep the matching set at one place.

In fact, it is worth its price and can make a perfect gift for your sister or wife!!




So, with a perfect wall mounted jewelry organizer you are saved with not just losing your precious time rather:

  • You don’t have to untangle all the necklaces every time you decide to pick up one.
  • You can display your sizeable collection of jewelry in a proper fashion.
  • Your jewelry is no longer scattered here and there or in boxes or drawers.
  • Jewelry looks neat and tidy and you can pick up the one which you want without having to search for it.

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