11 Unique Gifts for a Baby Shower Under $25

unique baby shower gifts under $25If you are tight on your budget then these unique gifts for a baby shower under $25 would be the best to buy.  

This happens especially at times when you have more than one baby shower to attend and of course you want to give the best gift in each of the shower.

Then what are you supposed to do? Finding cheap baby shower gifts can be a good option- this way your budget won’t be affected and you can make the parents of the newborn baby too happy.

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There are hundreds of gifts to choose some are gender based while others are neutral.

If you are aware of the baby’s gender then you can pick up the gift based on the gender or else you can go with the neutral gifts too.

In this post, I am just trying to give you an idea about various baby shower gifts which you can buy.

These are not just cheap but have received good reviews from the customers too. Thus, you will know as to which one will suit your needs.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Shower Gift

Before I tell you about the various gifts available for the newborn baby, I think it will be much better if you know a few essential tips for picking up the right gift.

These easy tips will make your shopping experience a hassle free experience- thus you can choose the present without wasting a lot of time.

Buying from Registry

This is certainly one of the best ways to choose the gift for the newborn baby. Usually the parents set up a registry for the baby to be where you can know about the needs and wants of the parents i.e what they are expecting as gifts for their baby.

This way the buyers are picking up the gifts which will be much appreciated by the parents. The major benefit of registry is that it shows which item has already been purchased and which are remaining.

So, you will know which one you should buy. For buyers on a budget, registry is a quite useful guide for baby shower gifts. 

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Know Baby’s Gender

If you are aware of the baby’s gender whether there is a boy or a girl then your gift becomes more realistic. After all, for girls pink, peach or purple will do while this may not work for the boys.

Also, if you search online, you will see that most of the gifts are gender based be it the furniture, blankets, clothes or toys.

Choose Realistic Gifts

Now if I say realistic I mean ‘practical’ gifts for the baby- if you are unsure of the baby’s gender. Thus, you can buy something like baby diapers, pacifiers or feeders.

Stay away from things like stuff animals or toys because though they look cute but they wont help the parents much.

Unique Gifts for a Baby Shower Under $25

Now, once you have known some of the tips for choosing the baby shower gifts, it is time for you to take a look at some of these gifts which are inexpensive and thus very much within your budget.



1. Little Toader Teething Toys, Chompin Chicken Wing:

When I first looked at it I was a bit surprised- it looked so real.

The picture at Amazon immediately caught my eye- it’s so lovely and babies will love it.

The chompin chicken wing is one of the teethers which is manufactured by Little Toader.

It is made of 100% food grade silicone and meets all the safety standards and criteria.

It is free from not just lead and PVC but also lead and BPA.

Thus, it is very much safe for your baby’s tender mouth.

What is so special about these toys is that these are available in various colors and shapes-


  • Chompin chicken wing
  • Baby-Q Ribs
  • Ice cream you scream
  • Broccoli Bites
  • Nopainapple
  • Sucker

Thus, the child will have so options and this will also keep his interest intact.

Note: The finest thing about these teether toys apart from the safety standards is the fine texture.

These are easy to chew and provide the perfect resistance which is needed by the baby’s to soothe their sore gums.

Here is what the customers were saying about these cute looking teething toys:

  • ‘Baby’s favorite teether’
  • ‘Nothing more cute available in the market’
  • ‘Fabulous texture’
  • ‘Favorite Chew Toy’

Check Price Now


2. “Baby” Sewn Leatherette Cover Photo Album

It looks so adorable. I was at first attracted by the cover image of this photo album which offers you to add a collage and not just one image of your baby which is a plus point.

Another thing which I observed is the different dimensions of the images which you can place on the album cover. Thus it doesn’t look monotonous.

Here are some of the details:

  • This photo album can hold around 240 photos.
  • You can add pics of 4 inch by 6 inch in this album.
  • The album looks like a beautiful book.
  • It comes in sewn leatherette cover.
  • It has a five pocket page layout.
  • Easy to show both vertical and horizontal images.
  • Yet another good feature about this album is that it is protected with sheep wrap which helps to bind the pages.
  • You can use this as a tabletop display or else keep it on the bookshelf. 

What is worth noting is that it is available in two colors- blue and pink.So, if you are looking for the same photo album for the baby girl then you can go for Pioneer Collage Frame Embossed “Baby” Sewn Leatherette Cover Photo Album, Baby Pink

Customers have loved this one for its:

  • Durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Large Size
  • Easy to Use
  • Looks
  • Price

Overall, a great and admirable baby shower gift for the newone. Parents will definitely thank you for this big photo album. Check Price Now


3. “My Little Night Owl” Snuggle Sack and Cap

This one is too cute to be written down in words. It Looks so huggable and adorable, like a dream snuggle sack.

It is certainly going to be one of those oh…..so sweet kind of baby shower gift which will leave even the parents tempted.

Owls look adorable and letting your bundle of joy wear this ‘My Little Night Owl’ snuggle sack and cap will bring the brightest of smile on your face.

This beautiful dress is made from 100% cotton on the inside and plush ribbed fabric on the outside.

At the top you will see a jumper like fit in rich brown color.

If you look at this jumper closely you will see an appliqué which has words “My Little Night Owl” written on it.

Yet another amazing feature is the cute round tummy design in the centre which has diamond shaped accents. In order to give your little one a reason to fly, it even comes with green wings on either side.

  • Shoulders are provided with easy to open and close straps.
  • For quick and easy access, it is provided with zippers at the bottom.
  • The matching owl cap adds more cuteness to this snuggle sack. The cap has eyes, ears and a beak too!!

Check Price Now


4. myBaby SoundSpa Portable:

This has won rave reviews owing to the nice and soft sounds which it produces.

It is one of the surprising baby shower gifts for new parents as it will help the little one get a good night sleep.

He won’t be disturbed from various outside noises. You can take this when you are traveling with your baby.

  • It is portable and you can easily keep it in your bag.
  • It has around 6 natural sounds and each one is good enough for the little one. Check Price at Amazon



5. Pearhead Lil’ Peach Bragbook, Train:

This is one of those cute little baby shower gifts which is not just inexpensive but makes a great present as well.

The new moms would love to have this on the baby shower.

They can have the most memorable images of their little one in this bragbook and carry around may be to show the grandparents.

In fact, on the first page of this book you can even write the name, age, weight and other details of the infant. Check Price at Amazon



Cheap Baby Shower Gifts
Fisher Price Maracas

6. Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy:

A musical toy is always loved by the infants. They are so attracted by the sound that they even try to take them in their hands.

So, maracas are always preferred by the parents in the baby shower.

In fact, when my son was born, lots of friends gave these to me as well and I just loved them  as it kept my son engrossed for a long time.

The best thing was that my son used to calm down when I gave it in his hands, he always enjoyed it.

So, this rattle and rock maracas make a good cheap baby shower gift which would be loved.

It is just perfect for the little hands to hold it tight and make the sound.

It is quite colorful in appearance so the infant would be very much attracted to these maracas




Cute Baby Shower Gifts
Rattle Toy Set
7. Baby Rattle Collection Gift Set:

Instead of collecting just one pricey rattle, it is in fact a better idea to pick up this baby rattle gift set which has 8 rattle toys.

What makes it a great baby shower gift is that each of the rattles is different in color and design so the infant will never feel bored of using just one toy everytime.

He can even develop a liking for one specific toy as well. It has an elephant, money and lion rattle amongst others.

Another good thing is that it comes in a baby bottle so the toddler’s bed will not be flooded with many toys all around.

You can keep these safely back in the bottle.

In fact, it is one of those fun and cute toys which all the babies love and are happy to have. Check Price Now

Cool and Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts Under $25

To continue with our list of gifts under $25, here are some of the cool and thoughtful baby shower gifts which parents would love to get from you. Check these out:

8. Baby Boppy Pillow: A boppy pillow is not just for nursing mothers alone, rather they can be used for the infants for the tummy time support, the baby can even sleep on this pillow without the fear of sliding out. Check it Out

9. Swaddling Blankets: These blankets are a must have for the new mom.  These are good for cuddling the baby, keeping him warm and comfortable and thereby giving him a good night sleep. Get it Now

Thus, they make a cool baby shower gift. You can even check out my post on ‘Benefits, Risks and Uses of Swaddling Blankets”  to get a better idea of these blankets.

10. Infant Feeding Seat: Once the baby reaches six months, he can be given some solid food, so the parents of the newborn will be more than happy to get this chair for baby eating in advance. This will save them some money too and they can spend on something other. The infant can sit inside this with ease and it carries a tray to keep the food. Get this now

11.Baby Sling Carrier: This is one of the most essential baby accessories for the new mom and dad and they would love to get it as a baby shower gift. A sling carrier helps to carry your baby with ease and you can go wherever you want. What is good is that this can be worn either front side or back side. Check it out

Cheap, Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts Under $25

Here are some of the top picks when it comes to cheap and inexpensive baby shower gifts under $25.

The best thing is that these too are popular ones and I have selected these carefully for this post, so that you dont have to worry at all about finding the right gift. Just check these out:

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