13 Unexpected Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Dad to Be

Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts for Dad to BeLooking for some of the most unexpected baby shower gift for dad to be?

Well this post will give you some of the amazing and unique kind of gifts which are meant for the Dads.

If you are a first time dad, single dad or a working dad, I am pretty sure these gifts will be found useful by you.

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Remember, when it comes to baby shower- it’s not just the mothers who should take away all the credit and gifts too!!

Just for change, it is equally important that we should find out some presents for soon to be dad as well.

This is so because in the life of a newborn baby, it is not just the mother who has an essential role to play, rather the Dad too occupies a special place.

Thus it’s but natural that there should be some amazing baby shower gift ideas for fathers as well. In fact, it is rather fun to have Dad too on the same side as the mother.

It gives the baby shower a fresh vibe and makes the couple feel good!! 

The gifts will inspire you to pick up the one you feel will aptly suit the dad to be.

If you are thinking for some out of the box gifts for new dads, you will definitely find the following recommendations worth it! These will make the life of the first time dad or father so easy. So just check out these baby shower gifts for dad:

Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Dad To Be


 1.Diaper Dude Diaper Bag as Baby Shower Gift for Dad:

A masculine diaper bag is definitely one of the best baby shower gifts for new dad.

Though, you can find lots of diaper bags online but most of them are designed keeping in view the mother’s mind- they are flowery or in bright colors.

So, it is essential to pick up a diaper bag designed for the dads.

This Diaper Dude Diaper Bag won’t make the Dad feel awkward.

Here are some other features of this messenger diaper bag for dads:


  • It is funky, trendy and stylish.
  • Made of Nylon fabric
  • Available in a range of colors like red, brown, grey etc.
  • Comes with adjustable padded strap.
  • It has an elasticized pocket for keeping water bottle on one side.
  • There is enough space to keep all the baby essentials.
  • Three zip close pockets in the front for keeping baby utensils, wipes, bibs and food.
  • The main compartment includes space for keeping baby diapers, toys and clothes.

In fact, Dads are going to love it for its cool look and proper space. A must have baby shower gift for dad.

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2. The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers:

It is often said that for many new dads ‘Fatherhood appears pretty confusing’. It comes with its own share of duties.

Thus, it is always good if there is a guide or a manual to look at- which will give you a comprehensive understanding a glimpse into this new world of excitement, happiness and responsibilities. So, how about gifting this book to the first time Dads?

This book is written by Scott Mactavish, thus it gives tips on fatherhood from a man’s perspective.

The book in a very subtle manner takes you through the three stages of your wife being pregnant, the birth of the baby and then ultimately babyhood.

The writer talks about lots of issues like the following:

  • Feeding your newborn– the basics.
  • Sleep Deprivation (On a personal note- me and my husband used to stay awake all night till our little one turned one year old)
  • How you can reduce the stress which comes after becoming a father.
  • Taking care of baby’s requirements- pee and poo

Let me tell you that this guy is not a doctor, rather a father who has experienced all this himself. He talks about all these issues in a funny and easy to understand manner.

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3. Big Man and Little Man with Mustache – Dad and Son Matching Shirt & Bodysuit Set:

Oh, this is so cute to look at, I want to gift it myself to my hubby and baby and I can imagine how cute both of them would look in this.

My little one has started walking now so it will look all the more amazing. This Tshirt is made in US and is designed in eco-friendly manner which ensures that it is safe for the baby.

You can very well imagine how sweet both dad and baby will look when they go together in this matching shirt set.

Everyone will adore the father and son.

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4. Baby Mustache Pacifier:

This mustache pacifier looks damn cute on the little one’s mouth.

Dad too will be happy to see his son look like a ‘real gentleman’.

This indeed is a unique baby shower gift for the dads and they will love it just like the baby.

The best thing about this pacifier is that it is bpa free and FDA approved.

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5. Mini Couture Tuxedo Bib:

Dad to be will certainly be surprised to get this cool and amazing Mini Couture Tuxedo Bib as a baby shower gift.

Imagine how handsome and ‘just like dad’. This is one of those unexpected gifts which is always welcomed.

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6. Funny Baby Onesies:

I pretty laughed at this funny baby onesies and I am sure Dads too will love it when the little one wears the same.

One of these says “Don’t look at me, that smell is coming from my Dad”.

The other one is “I am cute, Mom’s hot, Dad is just plain lucky”.

Both of these onesies make adorable and cool baby shower gift for the dads.

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7.Willow Tree New Dad Figurine:

Now this is one of those beautiful and precious baby shower gifts, which will be much loved.

It has those emotions attached to it, which in my view only a dad will understand.

Just look at this beautiful figurine where a dad is holding his new born baby. Isn’t it touching?

A soothing feeling in your heart when you first sees your child.

I am sure the new dad will thank you a million times for gifting him this precious gift.

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8. Daddy’s Love Frame:

This is yet another coolest baby shower gift for dad to be. What makes it all the more amazing are the powerful words written on it:

“The power of love held in my daddy’s hands”.

This photo frame can be placed on the wall and desk both.

This also makes a great Christmas gift for the first time daddy.

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best baby shower gifts for dad” border=
Daddy’s Diaper Toolkit

9. Diaper Changing Toolbelt:

This makes a great gag baby shower gift for first time dad.

With this tool kit, taking care of the newborn is not going to be that tough for the Daddy.

It includes almost all the things which might be needed like wipes, diaper, rash cream, changing pad, hand sanitizer and lots more.

The idea is to give this as the complete kit for first time dad who certainly won’t be having any idea in this new job.

 Check Price at Amazon

10. Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier:

This baby carrier by Baby K’tan has been designed for either mom or dad.

It is a wrap style carrier which provides utmost comfort to the newborn.

So, if you are looking for a good baby shower gift for dad to be, then you can have this one. It is just perfect and smooth for the newborn baby.

The best aspect is that it can be used in multiple ways and not just one.

Another good feature is that it is made of 100% natural cotton and devoid of any harmful chemicals.

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11. Daddy’a Diaper Changing Shield:

Now we all know how much daddies hate their ‘diaper duty’. So this apron makes a funny gift for the dad to be.

Now that terrible look on their face will definitely be gone once the baby poops.

This is available in white and grey colors as well to choose from.

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12. Diaper Duty Tshirt:

Just like the apron, this diaper duty tshirt is going to be an instant hit in the baby shower.

If you are looking for a unique gift for the dad, then go ahead with this one.

This is made from 100% cotton and the good thing is that it is fully customizable as well.

You can add your own text to it. Also there are lots more colors to choose from.

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13. New Dad Coffee Mug:

Being a new dad also means spending lots of sleepless nights too.

You never know how many nights or days you just need to be awake because the little one wants YOU TO.

So this coffee mug is the right gift for anyone who is about to experience fatherhood.

Check Price at Zazzle.






Creative Baby Shower Gifts for Dad to Be:

Here are some of the creative and never thought before gifts for the new dad. Gift any of these to the new dad and he will be so much thankful to you. Just check these out:

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