25 Best Stocking Stuffers for Pregnant Wife, Moms

25 best stocking stuffers for pregnant wife Finding the best Stocking Stuffers for pregnant wife or expectant mothers is indeed a must have this Christmas.

After all if your wife is expecting you need to give her something which she can feel about and be of use to her during pregnancy.

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In fact, you will be surprised to find that there are so many amazing stocking stuffer ideas for pregnant wife or moms.

The good thing is that these can be for the expecting mother or for the newborn baby too, because a Mom will love both.

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I have picked up some of the best stocking stuffer for expectant mothers or wife and I am sure you will be able to surprise the lady with these:

Yummy Food as Stocking Stuffers for Pregnant Moms

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t eat something good or delicious during Christmas.

Yummy food is one of the best stocking stuffers for pregnant moms or wife.

Just be sure to include the taste which she has been yearning for so long. Some ideas might include:

Best stocking stuffer for pregnant moms1.Cocktail Recipes: Just be sure to gift her these non alcoholic drink recipes which she can drink of and on during pregnancy. Check this out

2. Healthiest Food to Eat: This book on “100 healthiest food” can make a good stocking stuffer for first time pregnant wife.

This will give her a detailed information as to which foods she can eat during pregnancy. This is indeed going to be of so much value to her. Check It Out

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3. Organic Teas Tea Bag: Just help your pregnant wife prepare for the labor by gifting her this Organic teas tea bag. These are caffeine free and main ingredient in raspberry leaf which helps to prepare the uterus for labor. Check It Out

4. Prenatal Oats Bars: Make sure you are taking the very best care of her health during pregnancy. Never let the hunger pangs cause any discomfort to her, so always keep these healthy oats bars handy. Check It Out

5. Preggie Pop Drops: Help her get rid of morning sickness and nausea feeling by having some preggie pops in her stocking stuffer. These are available in various flavors. These are also known to provide energy and calories during labor. Check It Out

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Pregnancy Apparel as Stocking Stuffers for First Time Pregnant Wife

Believe me, but pregnancy is one such time when you certainly run out of clothes and shoes. Yes this has happened with me too when I was pregnant few years back.

For first two- three months, I was able to wear my clothes but slowly I started running short of clothes.

So, in my view one of the best stocking stuffers for pregnant wife or moms could be some good apparel which can help her make a fashion statement while being pregnant too.

Here are some of the good apparel for pregnant wife especially if she is pregnant for the first time.

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Best stocking stuffer for first time pregnant wife6. Maternity Tshirt: This one looks pretty cute with the baby peeking from the shirt. Very lightweight and simply perfect for the pregnant women. Check It Out

7. Maternity Seamless Leggings: These are stretchable and seamless leggings and a must have for the pregnant women.  They provide support to the bump and give comfort to the pregnant lady. Check It Out

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8. Pregnancy compression socks: These make the right pair of socks for pregnant wife. If she loves to walk or jog during pregnancy then make sure she wears these. These are breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Check It Out

9. Nursing gown: Post pregnancy one thing which every new mom really wants is a good and stylish nursing gown. This one is so trendy and makes it so easy to breastfeed by pulling down the elastic neckline. Check It Out

Personal Care Stocking Stuffers for Expectant Mothers

Best Stocking Stuffer for Expectant Mother10. Pregnancy Massage Ball: This helps to give relaxation to the muscles of the pregnant women. You can use it on your legs, neck, chest as well. Check It Out

11. Acupressure Wrist Band: A perfect wrist band for the pregnant women which she can wear on her wrist easily. It helps to prevent motion sickness and travel sickness as well. Check It Out

12. Belly band: One of the best stocking stuffers for pregnant wife could be a belly band. This helps to give comfort to her baby bump and give relief from hip and pelvic pains too. Post pregnancy this can help her get back in shape as well. Check It Out

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13.Heartbeat baby monitor: There is nothing as good as listening to the heartbeat of your unborn child. It helps to build a bond of love between the mama and the baby. Make sure you have this for your wife as a stocking stuffer. Check It Out

14. Earth, Mama Angel Baby Set: This is an organic prengnacy care kit which includes body wash, wellness spray, body butter, stretch oil and organic tea. Check It Out

15. Herbal lip balm: This is a good gift idea which you can keep in your moms stocking stuffer. The good thing is this will go beyond pregnancy as well. It is organic and so does not irritate the lips. Check It Out

16. Essential oils kit: Every pregnant woman is in need of a essential oils kit which can keep her stress free, reduce anxiety and make her feel better.This kit does exactly the same thing. Check It Out

Personalized Baby Products as Stocking Stuffers for Pregnant Moms

Every pregnant mom would love to get some good stocking stuffers which contain something for her soon to be baby. These will  make her feel good and happy that you are a caring husband and a doting father to be.

Best Stocking Stuffers for First Time Pregnant Wife17. Mommy to be Tote Bag: A cute tote bag for the mommy to be to let her do all kinds of shopping for the soon to be new member of the house. Check It Out

18. Monogrammed Bib: There is nothing as cute as a monogrammed bib for the newborn. So this can make a good stocking stuffer for the soon to be mom. You can even get the name of the little one written on this if it has been decided. Check It Out

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19.Funny Beanie Hat:  A funny beanie hat is yet another good stocking stuffer idea for pregnant wife. She will love to keep it for her baby. This one works for both baby-boy or girl. Check It Out

20.Baby Keepsake Box: This is a gift of a lifetime and you can imagine the happiness which your wife will have when she sees this. Once born, you can even add your newborn’s image on this along with his name, and date of birth. Check It Out

Few More Useful Stocking Stuffers for Pregnant Wife or Mom

Apart from the stocking stuffers mentioned above, there are a few more you can think about having for your pregnant wife. These include:

21. Book- Belly Laughs: Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth

22. Due Date Maternity Necklace

23. Pregnancy Journal: for first time moms.

24. Baby Footprint Belly Button Ring

25. Personalized Baby Blanket

Popular Stocking Stuffers for Pregnant Wife, Moms 

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