Spooky Halloween Tree Faces for Yard Decor

halloween tree faces for yard decorSpooky Halloween tree faces for yard décor are one of the scariest things to see at night time.

Just imagine your yard with trees who are smiling at your with their devilish eyes or teeth.

A creepy feeling will certainly move down your spine.

In fact tree faces for Halloween are quite popular amongst those who have a big yard and want to decorate it for the occasion.

It will surprise not just your guests but tricks and treaters alike.

These tree faces in the yard will transform your yard into a haunted forest which has all those scary noises and sounds.

If you want to add that spellbound look to your yard then you will certainly like these tree faces which I have mentioned in this post.

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Halloween Tree Faces for Yard























Shady Lady – Cast Iron Eyes and Lips:

Getting a witchlike look on your tree can be a wonderful idea to celebrate Halloween. This shady lady is perfect for the season.

With big-bright eyes and dark red lips she is going to be the lady to watch out for!! Just get these installed on your tree and she is ready to scare you and your guests.

The best thing is that the eyes are made from cast iron and so it is quite sturdy and of good quality. This is going to be a scary halloween tree face in your yard.

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Glowing Owl Eyes Halloween Tree Face:

Imagine a tree with glowing wide eyes which looks uncanny. Just add these eyes to any tree in your yard and wait for the night to see them glowing. This halloween tree face will certainly be looked by almost everyone.

Definitely these will be loved by the onlookers or whoever happens to pass by the garden. The face of the owl has been carved in a way that it appears as if it is a part of the tree itself.

However I wanted to let you know that if you order these you will be getting only one pair of these instead of two as revealed in the picture.

There were some customers who also wrote on amazon that you might need to use a flashlight to let them shine.

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Design Toscano Poison Oak: Greenman Tree Sculpture:

Now this one has such a gruesome smile, enough to give you that eerie feeling. The long nose with those wild teeths is perfect to scare the trick and treaters alike.

This ghost like tree will be a nice addition to your Halloween yard décor.

In fact, it is quite interesting to note that people are using this one not just as a Halloween tree rather as a scarecrow for the rest of the year.

Kids are really scared of this tree and prefer not to come closer to it.

The best thing is that this item moulds well into the tree so that it looks almost real, rather than artificial.

Being very lightweight you can easily attach it to the trees in the yard






















Genuine Tree Peeple Mr. Mapleshade Tree Face:

You will certainly fall in love with Mr. Mapleshade Tree Face. It looks so funny and sometimes so natural that it is going to be a nice addition to your yard décor.

Just get this Halloween tree face right at the time of Halloween and you will have many onlookers.

If you look at it closely, you will see that its’ eyes, nose and mouth of this tree face are made from leaves. The green eyes make it look a bit creepy.

Kids will enjoy this tree face. The best thing about this is that it is lightweight and easy to install and you can leave it in the yard all the year long.

Since the face has an earthy color so it blends well into the surroundings, giving it a more real look. 

These halloween tree faces are definitely going to make your outdoor decor worth it during Halloween.

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Here are Three More Halloween Tree Faces Which Look Really Scary

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