Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs for Decorations

pysanky ukrainian easter eggs decorIf you love Easter eggs then definitely you would be in love with the Ukrainian Easter eggs too.

Aren’t they just beautiful- so intricately designed and a close look makes us feel how each egg has its own story to tell.

They are adorable and a must have for Easter decorations.

For those who might not be aware of Pysanky, then let me tell that it is a traditional craft form practiced in Ukraine and Poland.

The word Pysanka is derived from the word ‘Pysaty’ which implies that these designs are not painted but written with beeswax.

These are basically found to be decorated with the traditional folk designs of Ukraine by using the wax resist method (batik).

In this post, have a look at some of the most exquisite and beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs which will leave you simply mesmerized.

A Brief History of Pysanky

Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs for Decor Pysanky as a traditional craft form has been in practice in Ukraine since ancient times.

In the past, Ukrainians used to worship Dazhboh which was a Sun God- since it not just warmed the earth but was also a source of life and energy too.

These people started decorating eggs with various natural symbols which became a part of their rituals and traditions.

During the spring season, they honored the egg since it represented the rebirth of earth.

However with the advent of Christianity to Ukraine, the symbolism of eggs was changed from representing the rebirth of earth to rebirth of Jesus.

These eggs became an essential part of the Easter rituals.

With time, this art form of Ukraine was carried to different parts of the world like North and South America by Ukrainian emigrants, thus the custom became ingrained in these countries too.

pysanky easter eggs wooden

psyanky easter eggs decor

Designing Pysanky Eggs for Easter

As I told you before that these eggs are written with beeswax which is derived from the bees.

However, a special tool called as kistka is used to write with beeswax on the eggs.

You can say that kistka is basically a pen and beeswax is the ink for writing on the surface of the eggs.

You would be surprised to know that each of the color is first waxed and then dyed until the entire design is created.

Once done, the wax is removed to reveal the true beautiful colors of the eggs and ultimately the design. In order to give these eggs a gloss finish, a layer of polyurethane too is added over the finished eggs.

Pysanky Easter Eggs Decoration


Inspiration for Ukrainian Easter Eggs

All those who have been designing the Ukrainian Easter eggs have been taking inspiration from the nature around them.

Thus you will see these eggs depicting flowers, fruits, trees, leaves or birds to name a few.

These are designed in the most stylish manner in order to give them an artistic look.

Sun is however the most popular and oldest of all the symbols to be found on these eggs. Some of the common fruits which you will find include grapes, apples, plum.

You will also see animal motifs on these Easter eggs though they are not too popular.

Horses, fish, deer, rabbit were some of the common animals depicted on the eggs. These were meant to symbolize prosperity and productivity.

However in modern times, the Ukrainian eggs largely include amazing geometric designs. You will find square, triangles, circles in all styles and looks.

You would be surprised to know that it is not just the designs or symbols which matter in Ukrainian Easter eggs, rather the colors which are used too matters a lot.

They have to be in accordance with the complete look of the eggs.

In fact, this craft is said to be one of the toughest forms and is not easy to be done by anyone. It requires great skill and precision.

Things Needed for Pysanky Easter Eggs Decorating Kit

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