Multi Colored Kitchen Utensils to Add Colors to Kitchen Decor

Colorful Kitchen Utensils for Your HomeMulti colored kitchen utensils are a rage!  The moment you see these bright colored kitchen utensils, you just want them- after all they are so pretty to look at.

If you are one of those persons who would like to bring a major change in your kitchen and are looking for some colorful utensils then you will be amazed by the large variety available.

You can have almost everything you want be it the bowls, plates, mugs and cups, knife set, spoons etc. So do you need these colorful utensils or are you just happy with your old stuff of black, brown and white?

In fact, recently only i bought a set of 6 colorful bowls for my little son.

He loves to drink soup in them and is always choosy- I want red, sometimes green or blue. So, that way its fun for him as well.

I have never thought, that he will be so happy to have those colorful bowls.

So, now he no longer drinks soup in my old bowls which were of steel, rather he asks even his bread or chips to be served in those bowls only.

Multi Colored Kitchen Utensils Set Gives a Facelift to Your Kitchen Decor

I think everyone must go for it especially if you have taken a new home or you are revamping your old kitchen stuff. These multi colored kitchen utensils set would surely add color in your life too.

Imagine how beautiful your dining table will look when it has serving dishes, bowls, mugs, glasses, spoons all in awesome harmony with each other.

Perhaps a rainbow of dining ware would appear on your table. Beautiful isn’t?

Have a look at some of the most colorful kitchen tools which will add more spice and taste to your food and above all means leave your guests too amazed at your choice of kitchen ware.


Flower Fruit Tray in Green, Blue and Pink:

This is a beautiful tray for keeping fruits, designed in the shape of flower hence the name Flower Fruit Tray.

It has 5 oversized petals which allows more of airflow and hence keeps the fruits fresh for a longer period of time.

It would look beautiful on your dining table if you keep fruits like apples, mango, bananas, cherries, and peaches since the tray is green so it will make a striking contrast.

Available in green, pink and blue colors to choose from, it makes a perfect serving tray for your guests.


6 Piece Kitchen Carousel Set:

The Elevate Carousel Set is designed innovatively and each of the tools has a different color like red, green, yellow.

This set has been designed with the aim of creating least mess on the kitchen shelf as it helps to keep all the essential tools on one place.

It has a rotating storage stand with a non slip rubber base. The tools which you will find includes:

• Flexible turner
• Slotted spoon
• Slotted Turner
• Ladle
• Solid Spoon
• Rotating Storage Stand

Indeed one of the best bright coloured kitchen utensils in your kitchen which will be adored by almost everyone.



Fuchsia and White Lunch Box:

You can definitely say goodbye to your old lunch boxes or lunch bags.

These boxes have undergone a major makeover and now are available in some of the amazing colors and styles.

This box has two airtight containers that help to keep your meal separate and airtight too. The two boxes remains closed owing to intermediary lids.

The good thing is that it comes with an elastic strap which helps to make it easy to carry in case you have a hectic commute.

A must have for you since it is already a winner of many international awards.



Colorful Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets:

Salt and Pepper Shaker is definitely a must have on all the dining tables.

I simply cannot ignore this one to include in my list, since I always need that extra pinch of salt in my food.

Interestingly if you have a salt and pepper shaker like this one, your guests will surely add a pinch of salt or pepper only to see how it works.

These look so cute and adorable. Available in colors like green, yellow, blue, orange and black, you can pick up the one of your choice.

These come with a magnet which ensures that they remain attached to the base or else you can attach them to the steel stem.


Adorable Bunny Toothpick Holder:

This one is such a cute to look at toothpick holder. You need to lift the bunny’s hat to take out the toothpicks from inside.

It is designed in the shape of the ‘magician’s hat‘ so just pull out the bunny holding his hears and you have the bunch of toothpicks inside.

It is available in colors like green, black, yellow, pink and blue.

It is going to be fun to keep at your dining table as guests will have fun with it.

It makes a wondeful holiday gift for the hostess as well. The weight of the bunny is good enough so that it doesn’t fall.




Ms. Foodface Dinner Plates for Kids

These foodface dinner plates look super cute and I am sure kids would love to eat in these foodface plates.

What makes them funny is the way you can decorate them with different foods be it tomato sauce, brocolli, tomato, cauliflower.

In fact, kids will find it so much fun to change the face according to the food you are serving them.

It is best to serve your kids food in these beautiful plates since it will add more taste to the food too.

This is indeed one of the bright coloured kitchen dinner plates.

With these, you don’t have to worry about the kids not eating dinner!!



Muffin Tops Denim Style Baking Cups:

These baking cups are certainly one of the most adorable baking cups I have ever seen.

The muffin tops adds more sweetness to these. Just look at the denim style jeans- isn’t it too cute.

Throw a surprise party at home and introduce these cups to your guests who would simply be mesmerized.

These make a wonderful gift too during the holidays for the mom who loves to bake.

There are many more cute styles available too, just check them out:

Multi Colored Kitchen Utensils


These bright coloured kitchen utensils will definitely change the look and style of your kitchen. And most importantly, they add a freshness too. I think its a wonderful way to make everything look so bright and cheerful.

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