Give Wedding Décor Unique Look With Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

Give Wedding Décor Unique Look With Mason Jar Wedding IdeasMason Jar Wedding Ideas are immensely popular these days. Mason jars were invented in 1858 by Jason L. Mason and were primarily used for preserving the food and canning.

However with time, their uses seem to have outgrown from just preserving food items. Now you can see these being used in the homes as planters, flower vase or pencil holders.

But what has surprised almost everyone is the way they have become a huge trend in the wedding stationary and decorations.

It won’t be wrong to say that they have taken the wedding décor to the almost next level.

They add a rustic touch to your wedding. Most importantly it is not just the rustic weddings alone rather in any kind of wedding you can use these.

In fact, every bride and groom wants to have these jars in one form or the other. Apart from using them in wedding invitations, you can use these jars in many more ways too.

Today they seem to have become a part of wedding decoration be it inside décor or outside décor. Lots of couples have also been using them as wedding favors too.

None can deny the wide appeal of these chic mason jars which have become all the more trendy and beautiful to look at.

Check Out Some of These Amazing Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

Mason Jar Wedding Decoration IdeasOne of the best ways to use mason jars in a wedding is to use them as a beverage container.

Just serve your favorite cocktail in them to give a rustic feel to your guests.

Mason jars are popularly used in wedding décor.  One way is to cover the jars with a lace and place a candle inside.

Keep these on the center of the table for a romantic touch.

Just use these jars to hold candles for an evening wedding and it will just make the ambience so tempting.

You can also use these jars as a flower vase. In fact it would make a beautiful vase.

mason jar wedding ideasJust have a mix of pretty flowers and arrange them in contrast to each other.

You can add wildflowers to the mason jar or just add sunflowers or hydrangeas to create a more beautiful look. Adding peonies too is a wonderful idea.

Using Mason jars for filling party favors is another great idea. Just add a ribbon to colorful jars, decorate them with chalkboard paint or tie a tag to each of these.

Best Way to Use Mason Jar in Wedding DecorYou can even serve desserts in the mason jars which is surely going to be a wedding treat for the guests.

You can either serve them in the wedding or else give them as a take home deserts.

Another idea is to place cupcakes in these mason jars.

Hanging mason jars does create a magical scene too.

Just hang them above your buffet and dinner table to not just fill the venue with beautiful lights but make it glowing and radiant too. 

Yet another amazing idea is to paint these jars in exactly the same color as your wedding dinner plates.


Wedding Decor with Mason JarThese would look lovely when placed on the table along with the dinner plates.

You can even paint the bride and the groom’s name on these.

You can even give your guests mason jar drinking glasses with handles.

Simply add a tag label along with a twine to let the guests know which one is theirs.


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