Mardi Gras Party Accessories and Decorations

Most amazing mardi gras party accessoriesMardi Gras Fat Tuesday is one of the most anticipated and celebrated holidays across the world. 

If you wish to be a part of merry making, fun and frolic all at the same time then definitely you need to be at Mardi Gras.

You will be amazed by thousands of spectators who throng the streets of New Orleans or Louisiana just to witness the spectacular views of street parades, music, dance and parties.

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In fact Mardi Gras parties are highly popular owing to their amazing theme, decorations and style.

Almost everyone is dressed up in tune with the festival, the food, drinks, games- you have it all in these parties.

If you are thinking of throwing a Mardi Gras Party this year, then look no further.

You will find some of the most amazing ideas with regard to party decorations and accessories.

Make sure, whatever accessories you choose should make the guests believe that YES they are a part of Mardi Gras festival.

Hosting a Mardi Gras Party

Whether you are celebrating the festival with your friends at home or you wish to be a part of the mad crowd at the Bourbon Street, choosing the right kind and mix of Mardi Gras party accessories can help you get involved in the holiday joy.

Though it is your personal choice as to what type of accessories you wish to choose for the party but there are certain essential accessories which you must definitely add in your party accessories list.

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And yeah you don’t have to be at New Orleans to enjoy the same.

You can always enjoy the festival fervor at home hosting a Mardi Gras party. Hosting a Fat Tuesday party can be so much enchanting.

mardi gras masquerade mask party prop

mardi gras party accessories


Mardi Gras Party Accessories

Some of the must have decoration accessories includes balloons, doubloons, tableware, centerpieces, hanging Mardi Gras Decorations and lots more.

It is always amazing if you are color coordinating your different decorations.

This would look more bright and beautiful and create a lively ambience too. Your guests would definitely feel as if they are actually a part of the Carnival.

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You also need to decide upon the Mardi Gras Party Favors which should make the guests feel welcomed at your house.

You should set your party stage set in a way as if your guests have entered the French Quarter. This is somewhat easy to do if you go through some of the decoration inspirations.

Colors of the Party: You should go ahead with the traditional colors of the festival i.e green, gold and purple.

You can use these colors for your centerpiece or for draping the dining table cover.

Beads: Well the more beads you have the merrier it sounds.

These are easily available at your party stores or online too. You should definitely experiment with the colors and size of the beads.

You can just pass them to your guests when they arrive at home or else you can decorate them around your tables.

Filling your glasses with different beads and ornaments is also a wonderful idea.

Mardi Gras Decoration Supplies

Mask Decoration: No Mardi Gras party can be complete without masks decorations. This is to let your guests get into the spirits of the celebration.

Of course you will make your guests wear the masks when they arrive at the party but to make it more lively, it is all the more good if you decorate your walls with masks.

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There are numerous masks available for wall décor or else create your own masks and give it a look you wish to give.

Coins and Cups: Coins or doubloons as well as cup or goblets are usually tossed from the floats during the street parades.

So, it is going to be a great fun if you just scatter these doubloons on the table or keep them in a glass bowl.

Also, try to match some globlets with the colors of the festival. Your guests will love to drink in glass goblet shaped cups.

Music: Of course what’s Mardi Gras without music. Just set the guests in festive mood with music of their choice.

Think of going with Buckwheat Zydeco, Fats Domino or Little Richard. Well, the list is somewhat endless.




Mardi Gras Table Decoration Ideas

Decorating the tables with the colors of the celebration too holds importance. It is not difficult if you just let your creative mind work a little.

Using beads, candles or doubloons could be a wonderful idea for decorating the table. Here are some more tips:

Buy some masks with sticks and you can place them in a tall cylinder placed at the center of the table.

Think of combining the looks and decoration of your centerpiece with the dessert of the night.

King cake is definitely going to be one of the favorite desserts of the night so it would be wonderful if you keep it on the cake stand at the center of the table.

Decorating cupcakes in cupcake stand and keeping them on various tables is also another amazing way to decorate the table.

This helps to increase the visual appeal of these cakes apart from increasing interests amongst the guests.

You can even set a white pillar candle as a decorating piece in the middle of the table.



Mardi Gras Wall Mask Sculpture

mardi gras party accessories

Some More Tips for Mardi Gras Party Accessories

It will be interesting if you buy a mardi gras wall clock for the home wall. There are some pretty amazing types available to choose from.

Wall décor too matters and make sure you get some amazing wall art for mardi gras party.

Paper plates for the food too should be of the festive theme.

The napkins you choose should be in the colors of gold, purple or green.

If you think these coins are going to be a bit expensive then you can simply wrap the chocolates in gold foil and scatter them on the table to represent doubloons.

Do have hurricane glasses and add an umbrella pick to each of these. This will make them look more appealing.

Tie 2-3 balloons to the back of each chair. These add to the festive look.

All these Mardi Gras Party Accessories will definitely make your party a huge hit and popular

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