13 Inexpensive, Good Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

13 Inexpensive Good Christmas Gifts for CoworkersPicking up inexpensive and Good Christmas Gifts for Coworkers is indeed a daunting task. At least to me, it is not an easy thing to do.

Each coworker is different from the other and we need to pick up a gift which is appreciated by all.

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In fact, it can be one of the trickiest things to pick a gift which is elegant yet with a friendly touch.

Often colleagues struggle with the idea of gift exchange and in a way it can prove to be quite daunting.

Some might wonder- is it necessary to gift coworkers too on Christmas? Of course, why not.

After all you are spending a considerable amount of time with these people.

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These are in a way next to your family, so let Christmas be a time to shower gifts in a way to say Thanks for all their support and cooperation.

  • Most often the joy of gifting is accompanied with anxiety too- am I spending too much on them? Or am I spending too little?
  • The other issue is with regard to your office environment.

Not all offices go holiday crazy while others maintain a strict business attitude all the year long. So, it is important to know what ambience you have at your workplace.

Choosing gifts for coworkers is said to be tough mainly because we know them professionally and not personally.

So, at times we are not aware of their choices and personal tastes.

In such a scenario it is always best to give them something related with the office décor which they could make use of.

Good Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

1. Funny Doggy Moodcards:

This is a funny office gift which can be gifted to your coworkers to make them laugh out aloud.

These moodcards can be the perfect conversation starter for your clients in the office.

Dogs in the cards show different moods and the messages also convey the same.

These are very low priced and so you can always buy them in bulk if you are looking for some funny Christmas gifts for coworkers.

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2. Office Magnetic Poetry Kit:

I bet you wouldn’t have ever thought about gifting your coworkers a ‘magnetic poetry kit’. Isn’t?

And believe me:

It’s so funny and engaging too.

The best thing is to see what all are busy creating with the words in the kit.

You can create almost all kinds of interesting combination of words- it could be motivational, supportive or just full of humor. Check It Out



3. Knock Knock Office Citation Nifty Note:

This office citation nifty note is one of those good gag gifts for colleagues or boss which will become an instant hit in the office.

In a way you can say, they are a great stress buster too. Check It Out

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4. Magnetic Key Holder:

One of the most common issues which we face in the office is that of ‘lost keys’.

So this magnetic key holder could be the ideal solution to this every happening problem.

Check It Out

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5. Desktop Stop Hand Bookends:

Yet another unique Christmas gift for the coworkers.

This bookend features two hands which can help you in keeping your books arranged and thereby make your office space look clutter free.

Plus, it looks great from decorative purpose as well. Check It Out

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6. Albert Einstein Genius Bald Headed Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Desk Accessory:

Now this is paper clip holder is really awesome to look at.

Your coworkers will be in for a surprise when you gift them this desk accessory.

Just have this genius on your desktop table and create amazing hairstyles with the paper clip.

Check It Out

7. Vintage Style Pen and Pencil Holder:

Just bring life to your desktop with this fully functional pen and pencil holder.

It has a vintage touch to it, and this one is a good Christmas gift for coworkers too.

Check It Out

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8. Mark My Words Special Friend Mug:

A wonderful gift for your office workers who are more than just colleagues to you.

It is a special way to say thank you to them.

The lovely quote on the mug make it special as well as the floral design gives it elegance.

Check It Out

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9. Bubble Calendar- A Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday:

If your office mates loves bubble wrap then this bubble wrap calendar would be loved for sure.

It is in a way a great stress reliever as one pops up the bubble after a hard day at work.

It is fun and easy to read. Each day in the calendar is covered in a bubble which you can pop.

For quick reference the weekends on this calendar are put in bold.

Check It Out

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10. Business Name Card Book 96 Business Card Holder:

A business name card book is not just cheap but also a good gift for the office colleagues.

It is a must have for the officer goers hence if you gift them, they would be more than happy for it.

It is designed in pebbled faux leather. It comes with a secure snap closure.

The good thing is that you can view many cards at a time.

The book can hold up to 96 business cards at one time. Your co workers would appreciate it as a gift. Check It Out


11. Oxford Zippered Ring Binder Pocket:

This zippered ring binder pocket is good enough to be gifted if you have a long list of coworkers.

It is will be a good gift as it can be used in the office for keeping the basic things.

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12. 7-Pocket Wire Magazine Rack with Vertically-Stacked Pockets, Wall Mounted Literature Holder:

Your office friends would pretty admire this as a Christmas gift since it is not just unique but in style as well.

This flyer rack is well suited for not just keeping magazines but you can even use it for periodicals and printed papers.

The seven pockets are stacked vertically which helps in saving the space too.

It can be mounted easily on the wall since it is lightweight in design. Check It Out

13. Seville Classics Office Desk Organizer, Platinum Mesh 6-Trays:

This perfect mesh tray will definitely help to clear the office clutter.

It is a beautiful desk wall organizer which has separate sections for storing and organizing files, bills, folders etc.

It has 6 open slots, use it as a standalone unit or else you can mount in on a cubicle wall depending upon your requirements.

Check It Out





Good Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

If you are still unsure about the best holiday gift for coworker, then this massive list of gift ideas will certainly help you out. Have a look at these:

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