Cute Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

cute easter basket filler ideas for infants, toddlerAre you looking for some of the most unique and cute Easter basket filler ideas for infants or toddlers?

Well, then you are certainly reading the right post since in this post I have tried to include lots of interesting and cool basket filler ideas for the kids who will love it by all means.

In fact, gone are the days when Easter basket used to be just about candies alone.

With the present day parents putting much emphasis on what their little one eats should be healthy and nutritious, even the Easter baskets tend to have lots more fillers rather than just candy alone.

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So, if you are one of those mammas who is rather concerned that your baby should have an Easter with lots more things and not just candies, you will certainly find some great ideas.

There is so much to include be it the comic books, video games, toys, jellybeans, finger puppets and lots more which will be loved by the kids.

Cute Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Toddlers

If your child is above two years of age then you have in fact lots more to choose from.

As you know with the infants the basic problem is that you cannot give them almost anything to eat or play but this is not so if the child is a bit grown up.

He now has his own choices, likes and dislikes. So you can always have his Easter basket filled according to his interests.

If you are thinking of something different than candy or chocolates then you can fill the basket with so many items which are of kids’ interest like bubbles or spinning ball.

Children love to play with bubbles and blowing them is so much fun and same is the case with spinning balls too.

They would really adore these in their gift basket.

Traditional Toys are Always a Favorite

Some of the traditional toys like jacks, marbles and bouncing balls also serve as good filler for Easter basket.

Many of you might have also played with these and now even your children would love to play with them. In a way these never go out of fashion.

You can even give them Harmonicas or Bazookas as these would be loved by the kids.

Easter Coloring Book is Another Good Easter Filler

Easter Coloring Book for KidsAn interesting idea is to gift Easter coloring books or mini coloring pad to the kids in their Easter basket.

Most of the children love to paint or draw something and if it is Easter coloring book then it is all the more good.

They would love to color their favorite bunny or Easter eggs in different colors and thus give a new meaning to Easter Celebration as a whole.

This in turn is also going to make them more creative and learn the art of drawing and painting too.

This will keep them busy too for hours and they can have fun as well.


Filling Easter Eggs for Toddlers

If you are also thinking of adding some Easter eggs in the basket then instead of filling them with candies you can fill it with small toys too.

Online you can find lots of mini toys which you can fill in the eggs and gift to your kids and believe me the excitement and surprise finding a toy inside the egg will be widely evident on your kids face.

You can fill dinosaurs, finger puppets, legos to name a few in these eggs.

Musical Pop Up Eggs Easter Basket Filler for Infants

Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Infants ToddlersThese are one of the cutest Easter basket filler ideas for infants and they will love it for sure.

Their little hands will love to see these eggs pop up which even includes light and sound.

Includes different characters and each chic can be pushed, slided and twisted.

This will comes as a surprise gift for the infant or toddler.

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