Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests Which Look Good Too

cheap wedding gift ideas for guestsFor a wedding on a budget, it is essential to look for some good cheap wedding gift ideas for guests.

After all, you are tight on your budget and you don’t want to save every pit of a penny.

In such a scenario, searching for the right wedding favor for guests becomes important.

You want to gift your guests a thank you favor as a token of love, but you don’t want to break the bank too.

So, in this post you will find some amazing wedding gift favors ideas for guests which make a great gift!

After all, Marriage is once in a lifetime event and almost every bride and groom wants to make it memorable not just for themselves and their families but for the guests too who came at the event.

Wedding favors is one of the best ways to shower your gratitude and thanks to all those who took out time for your wedding. These serve as the perfect keepsake which they would love to keep for years to come.

Often it becomes quite puzzling as to what should be the perfect and unique wedding favor. You also want it to be within a budget since already large amount of money is being spent on the ceremony.

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Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests

Say Thank You With Wedding Favors

If you are unaware of what wedding favors are, then let me tell you that these are small gifts which are given to the wedding guests by the bride and groom as a token of thanks and gratitude.

The first account of these favors goes back to 1500’s in England. Thus, this is not at all a new thing.

Centuries back, bestowing guests with gifts was considered to be a good luck for the newly married couples. This tradition however continues today and today these are given as token of love.

The possibilities of choosing these wedding favors are endless- you can buy cheap, inexpensive ones to costlier ones too.

This basically depends upon how much you are willing to spend on these. However before buying any of these it is always good if the bride and groom decide in advance the money they are likely to spend, whether these wedding favors are going to convey any message or not.

These could be handmade or else purchased online too.

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Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests Which Look Good Too“Evergreen” Window Planter Place Card/Photo Holder: If you intend to organize a green wedding for yourself then this photo holder would be an apt wedding favor.

This one is well suited for both indoors as well as outdoors. This pretty planter is symbolic of fresh air, health, peace and sunshine for your guests who too would admire it.

The green grass looks adorable and charming.It is the perfect ‘eco friendly wedding favor for guests‘.


Pine Cone HolderIf it is not your green wedding, then perhaps it’s time to pick up the ‘Pinecone Place Card/Photo Holders’ as the wedding gifts for the guests.

These would be a nice addition to your wedding especially if it happens in fall or winters.

I added this one up because I liked the fact that each of the pine petals has a silver touch to it, so it gives it more serenity.

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“Sea Breeze” Bamboo Coasters: Coasters are one of the most favorite when it comes to choosing the wedding favors. If you are planning a beach wedding party then these sea breeze bamboo coasters would do justice as the wedding favors.

You can even think of buying the cute looking ‘Personalized Navy Moroccan Wedding Favor Coasters’. These are elegant coasters which the guests would love to take back home.

In fact, these look chic and smart. The good thing is you can get these personalized with the name initials of the bride and the groom.




Whooo’s in Love” Owl Bottle Opener: I can bet you are going to like this one, after all owls need to be at the wedding! These are going to be a practical wedding favor as the wise owl will surely remind the guests about who is in love, everytime they are going to use this bottle opener.

Yet another amazing bottle opener is the ‘Love’ Bottle Opener. This is definitely going to be one of the most elegant and eternal wedding favor which has been skillfully designed. It comes with a chrome finish.

Buying the Best Wedding Favor For Guests

So, you have decided upon the wedding gift which you are going to give to your guests but as a last minute query just makes sure you have chosen the right one. In order to do so, go through these essential points:

The Packaging matters: The right kind of packaging is a must. A poor packed gift can spoil your otherwise beautiful favor.

It is always held that first impression is the last impression; hence choose your gift packing wisely. If you are giving an eco friendly gift then your packaging too should be eco friendly.

DIY Favors May Take Time: Often the bride and the groom plan to make the wedding favors themselves.

This is good from the point of view of personal touch to the gifts, but it is also important to know how much time this will take, since you have other preparations to do also.

Display is Essential: Just having the right kind of gift doesn’t complete the process, rather how you intend to gift these too holds importance.

There are a few who might ask these favors to be left at each of the guests’ seat or others prefer to create a centerpiece on the main table. You can even get these gifted individually too.

Make sure the wedding gift for guests is something unique and different- something which they remember for years to come. 

Cool Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests at Wedding

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