Cheap Disney Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Cheap Disney Ornaments for KidsWhere to find cheap disney christmas ornaments online for kids?

Well, if you are one of those parents, who kids swear by Disney Ornaments then definitely you will find this post well worth reading. 

After all Disney Christmas Ornaments are so popular and kids just love these for their Christmas tree.

In fact, Disney characters are one of the most loved characters across the world for all age group of children.

Kids simply adore them- be it Mickey or Minnie, Roger Rabbit, Meeko or Sulley.

These are not just cute to look at but certainly one of the best when it comes to a child’s play.

Almost every child has grown up watching these larger than life characters on their television sets and thus want them to be a part of their life too.

While some kids would want to decorate these ornaments in their own room, others prefer to decorate it on the Christmas tree.

If you as a parent are struggling to find some of the most cute Disney ornaments for your kids then just check out this list of some good cheap Disney Christmas ornaments.


Disney Store Jake and the Neverland/Never Land Pirates Sketchbook Ornament Christmas Tree Decoration:

The kids would love this ornament which is inspired by magical movie moments.

The characters Jake and his Never Land Pirate crew are direct from Disney’s artists’ sketchbooks.

You will love the satin ribbon for hanging this ornament so it is easy to hang it on your Christmas tree.

Disney Aladdin Christmas Ornament:

A great holiday ornament for all the fans of Aladding the Genie.

He looks great in Blue colored dress and once you press the ornament you will be surprised to hear his memorable quotes.

Let the magic happen and kids have fun with the Genie.

Anyonewho loves Disney movies and ornaments will find it as the best gift this Christmas. Check It Out

Disney princesses Christmas ornament:

A truly remarkable gift for Disney lover girls.

These beautiful princesses look so pretty and the best thing is they come in a set.

So instead of just one or two you can have the complete set of these princesses.

This can be the great gift for your grand daughters or sisters.

In fact these can be used for hanging in the room as well post Christmas. Check It Out


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Sketchbook Ornament:

This Sketchbook ornament will make a nice addition to Disney Christmas Ornaments.

The best thing is that it is the exact replica of the scene from the movie.

So anyone who is a big fan of Alice in Wonderland will love to receive this as a holiday gift.

You can get it hanged on the tree (comes with a satin ribbon) or else use it as a display too. Check It Out

Disney Jungle Book Christmas Ornaments:

This Christmas Ornament from the Jungle Book becomes a memorable and definitely worth having gift for the Baloo and Mogli fans.

It features both Baloo and Mogli both in a boat floating in a river.

Both are smiling at each other and this is indeed one of the best memories from the jungle book.

What you will love is the song which you can hear once you press the button on the Baloo’s leg.

A favorite of many kids, so makes the right holiday ornament too ! Check It Out


Disney Ears Christmas Ornament:

This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to collect not just Disney ornaments but also haunted mansions.

It will remind you of the great rides you might have taken at Disney.

What is amazing about this ornament is that everything looks so real in it.

The ghosts, candles, eyes, clock face. All of these glow at night so it is all the more good to have this.

Get it for your wife, boys or grandchildren and they will certainly jump in joy. Check It Out.


Two To A Chair – Mickey and Minnie Hallmark Ornament:

I just loved this hallmark ornament for Christmas. The Mickey and Minnie sitting together in a chair looks rather cute and adorable.

When you will pull up the string both of these characters will cuddle together.

Indeed the pretty Mickey and Minnie will brighten up the festive season. Check It Out

Boo And Mike – Disney Monsters Hallmark Ornament:

This is such a lovely and cute ornament which features Boo and Mike together.

It would be worth gifting this Christmas.

The ornament is made of porcelain and would make a good keepsake or gift too.

The highlight of this ornament is the detailed work which gives a unique look to it.

Check It Out

Hallmark Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Christmas Ornament:

Another beautiful and sweet looking Disney Christmas ornament for girls.

This features a Little Mermaid which looks so pretty in green dress and red hair.

The main feature is the glitter on the dress which makes Ariel so adorable. Check It Out






Cheap Disney Christmas Ornaments Which Are Very Popular




Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

For all the fans of Jack and Sally, here are some of the good Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments which will make a great gift too. Check them out:

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