Best Halloween Train Set for Kids

Best halloween train set for toddlersA Halloween train set is perfect for the little toddlers to enjoy the event and have some adventure too.

As Mom, our first wish always is to see our kids happy and ‘shout in excitement’.

Come halloween and they are pretty keen to get something new and unique. 

A train set can be right gift for the kids during halloween.

If the kids have already built their Halloween village, then a Halloween train will certainly complete the look.

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It will look beautiful to see a train riding from the bushes and making its way to the haunted village.

Lionel Peanuts Halloween Train Set can be a nice choice for the kids. It is a true Halloween treat and is run by remote control. The kids will love to see it run on the track.

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Here are some of its unique features:

  • The smoke comes out as the train runs
  • You can also hear background sounds
  • It whistles on the way
  • You can also control the speed of the train
  • You can move it forward or reverse
  • It is built from die cast metal
  • It also has an operating headlight
  • The doors of the boxcar can open and close as well

The length of the train is 43” locomotive length and is meant for kids 14 years and above.

You will need to assemble the train once it arrives. Also, the batteries are not included in this train. Indeed a perfect Halloween train set for the kids.

halloween train set for kids

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