Most Desired Polymer Clay Halloween Jewelry

Polymer Clay Halloween JewelryPolymer Clay Halloween Jewelry is quite popular during Halloween, especially for those who love arts and crafts.

Did you know it is one of the most versatile medium of jewelry making across the world?

Yes it is.

The beauty of this jewelry is that it is affordable and easy to make. 

It is in fact fun and interesting to design your own Halloween jewelry with polymer clay.

The jewelry handcrafted from polymer clay is indeed unique and versatile, so you always know that your Halloween Gift is going to be much appreciated by all.

The beauty of this clay is that it has a matte finish and a versatile look.

Polymer Clay Halloween Jewelry

You can always flaunt your Polymer Clay jewelry in parties with attitude. So, when it comes to Halloween jewelry you have the advantage of making jewelry with almost all kind of scary and creepy creatures.

The best aspect of this type of jewelry is:

  • It is very light weight
  • It is handmade
  • It will not break if dropped accidentally.

Holiday Fall Pumpkin Pin/brooch:

When it is about Halloween, it is all about pumpkins too. So how about having a polymer clay pumpkin brooch? Yes, it looks cute and simply in tune with your Halloween dress too.

You can use it for decorating your school cloths or else gift it to your friends or teachers.

This pumpkin brooch looks so cute with a funny smile and a green leaf and vine.

Holiday Halloween Ghost Pin:

I never could have imagined a ghost pin if I have not seen this spooky Halloween ghost pin. It looks almost perfect in white color and big creepy eyes.

It is handmade with polymer clay and this too can be a nice gift for your friends/ teachers.


Holiday Pumpkin Pie Dangle Earrings:

Oh these lovely pumpkin pie are so sweet…and so tempting too !! These polymer clay Halloween earrings are accented with an orange and burnt red glass beads.

These are good enough to be worn not just for your Halloween but even for other summer festivals or Thanksgiving too.These come in a gift box which has a beautiful bow on the top, thus they are gift ready.

Pumpkin Dangle Earrings:

Another piece of lovely earrings for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving. Just wear these pretty pumpkins and you will love the look of these. These are a perfect gift for those who want to enjoy the true spirit of Halloween.
A mere glance at these pumpkin dangle earrings make you feel that they are so real, as if you have just bought them from your garden.

Holiday Halloween Bat Pin:

How about having a creepy Halloween bat staring you in the face. Yes, this black bat pin can be just the right choice for you, if you want to go at your workplace in the true Halloween spirit.

This bat pin looks scary with those wide eyes, and since it is made from polymer clay so it has a matte finish too. That cruel smile on the bat’s face says it all!!

Halloween Ghost Dangle Earrings:

Believe me, I have never ever seen such a cute and sweet ghost ever before. The first look at these earrings, just make me feel…oh lovely!! 

And they truly are so. Instead of fear, they spark a moment of admiration. Beautifully handmade with polymer clay, these dangle earrings have a white base with cute black eyes and a black nose.

What makes them striking are the pink beads which act as the head clip. I can imagine a cute little girl all dressed in Halloween dress with these sweet polymer clay Halloween earrings giving gifts to her teachers and thereby becoming a source of attention too!!

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