3 Best Fruit Bowl With Banana Holder for Your Kitchen

Best Fruit Bowl with HangerAnyone who loves fruits needs a perfect fruit bowl with banana holder in order to not just store your fruits in a proper way but also to prevent them from getting damaged.

A fruit bowl can be a perfect gift for anyone who is an organization freak.

Yes, it keeps your kitchen tidy, looks amazing on the counter, manages the space well, your fruits or veggies are no  longer found here and there.

Basically, these fruit bowl sets looks beautiful to keep on your dining table as a centre piece too.

However, these are a must have for you owing to the following reasons:

  • They make the storage of fruits convenient.
  • They prevent the bruising of fruits.
  • The fruits can stay fresh for a longer period of time.

So, here are the 5 best fruit bowl with banana hook which have received some really good reviews and are most in demand.


Spectrum 39210 Scroll Fruit Tree, Black:

This one is a multipurpose fruit bowl with banana hanger. It is made of heavy duty steel and hence sturdy enough to go on for years to come.

What you will like about this fruit bowl is that it has enough space to keep your fruits like bananas, guavas, oranges in the basket, while the hanger is good enough to hold your bananas.

So, no longer you will find black or brown bananas any more.

Some Key Features of Fruit Bowl

  • This one is perfect to be kept in your cabinet.
  • You can even keep it at the counter and it looks beautiful.
  • It has been designed in a way that even if you are hanging just the bananas it won’t tip down.
  • It is not a very tall fruit bowl so it can fit under the cabinet with ease.
  • It can be a perfect Christmas surprise gift for your house as well.


DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger, Bronze:

When it comes to searching for fruit bowl with banana holder, this one comes first in the mind, since it is quite popular.

This fruit tree bowl comes with a bronze finish which increases its life all the more.

So, its not just your bananas but oranges, grapes and apples too which can stay fresh and safe.

Customers have appreciated this fruit bowl for the ample amount of space it provides, so you can keep not just a few but many fruits here.


DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger, Chrome Finish:

If you are looking for a sturdy and good quality fruit bowl with banana hook, then this one is to look at.

The good aspect about this tree bowl is that it is quite spacious, so you have lots of space to keep your fruits.

In fact, it is good for bigger families or rather those who love to eat fruits a lot.

Just keep it at the counter and enjoy your fruits on the go.

  • With this fruit bowl tree, there is no longer a reason to make an excuse for not eating the fruits.
  • Since, it is a wire fruit basket so it allows for air to move and thereby keeps all the fruits fresh for a longer period of time.
  • In fact as per one of the customers at Amazon, this fruit tree bowl is so big that you can even keep a pineapple or melon too!!!
  • It is around 13 X 5 inches, so it’s big enough to hold a large variety of fruits.
  • The banana hanger is removable and that is a plus point to this fruit bowl.
  • If you don’t have bananas or grapes then you can simply remove the hanger and still keep the basket as it is.

Most of the customers have appreciated it owing to its good quality and storage capacity. If you are looking for a very large fruit tree bowl with banana holder, this one is for you.

Talking about the negative aspect of this fruit bowl, then some of the customers have complained about the banana hanger being too small or low enough and that it falls off.

In spite of this small issue, otherwise it is a recommended fruit bowl basket.

Popular Fruit Bowls to Keep Fruits Fresh and Safe

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