10 Funny Gag Gifts for Dad At Baby Shower You Won’t Believe Exists

10 funny gag gifts for dadFunny Gag gifts for Dad at Baby Shower are a great way to make everyone (including the Dad) to get that extra dose of laughter.

In fact some of these are ridiculously funny too.

So, check out this post to get an idea about some of these funny gag gifts for dad which certainly you might not be even aware of.

Get hold of any of these gifts and make the New Dad feel that he is the luckiest dad in the world.

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Here are the Best Gag Gifts for Expectant Dads:


1. Toddlers Are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault:

This book will surely come handy for the new dad as he tries to understand what exactly toddlers do and why they do that particular thing.

It’s fun to read the book which certainly will give you the relief that it is not your fault always.

This book has got some rave reviews too.

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2. Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron:

This is one of those funny gag gifts for dad which is always welcomed and laughed at.

As you become a new dad, the first thing you need is your diaper duty apron to go ahead with those unwanted duties.

This comes with a diaper face mask, rubber gloves, clothespin and more.

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3. Daddy’s Survival Kit Glass:

This durable glass makes a good gag gift for new dads.

Let the dad take out some time for himself and sip a drink since he needs survival too !

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4. Handerpants:

Now this is one of those funny gifts for first time father which you might not even know existed.

Yeah, they do look like underpants but with the difference that these are meant for your hands and hence the name ‘handerpants’.

Great for fulfilling all the dad duties.

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5. Baby Butt Spray:

One of the biggest challenges for new father is to tolerate that smell coming for the butt of the baby.

This butt spray will definitely give you some relief from the odor and make diaper changing ordeal a bit easy.

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6. Butt Station Tape Dispenser:

For working dads, this tape dispenser can be the best ever gag gift.

Just imagine the fun when everyone in the office will find out that you have become a dad recently.

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7. Funny Dad Mode on Tshirt:

Yet another amazing gag gift ideas for dad could be this tshirt which says “Dad Mode On”.

Let everyone give you a big and bright smile as you wear this funny dad shirt while taking care of the little one.

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8. Funny Toilet Mug:

This will make a great funny gift for soon to be dad.

You can drink not just coffee but even lemonade in this mug which is in the shape of a toilet.

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9. Bag of Unicorn Farts:

This gag gift for dad at baby shower will certainly make people laugh aloud.

In fact, if you really want everyone to have fun and brighten up their moods, go ahead and get this cotton candy bag.

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10. Baby Crying Mask:

No body loves to see baby crying and the more difficult thing is to calm them.

So this baby crying mask will make a great gag gift idea at baby shower.

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