Different Types of Baby Blankets Which Every New Mom Must Know

Types of Baby Blankets for Newborn As a new mom, it is essential that you need to know not just the different types of baby blankets but the uses of these blankets too.

After all, it is your first baby and there are so many things which you still have to learn; one of these being ‘baby blankets’.

A baby’s blanket is one of the first essential items which he would be using since day one.

It needs to be cozy and comfortable and should make the baby feel as if he is still in his mother’s womb.

Choosing the right kind of blanket for your baby is a must since it goes a long way in making your baby sleep with ease and pacify him too.

If you are one of the new parents who are wondering as to which type of blanket would be the best for your baby then this post will be useful for you.

You will know about the different types of baby blankets which are available in the market today and how each of these serves a different purpose.

From swaddling blankets, receiving blankets to crib blankets and more, well the choice is simply endless.

You also have a wide variety of options in terms of color and fabric too.  Babies also develop a major bonding with these and hence choose them wisely.

Types of Baby Blankets Which You Can Buy For Your Newborn

Receiving Blankets for Baby

Receiving Blankets are said to be the most versatile and universal kind of blankets. These are thin and soft to touch. These are lightweight and are about 30 inches square in size.

It can be used for cleaning up the baby mess or using it for swaddle. It can also be used to lay down the baby on the floor or just cover him up.

If wrapped around the infant, these provide comfort and warmth.  You can also use it with other types of blankets. These in a way are multifunctional.


Security Blankets for Newborn Baby

These blankets are not meant for wrapping the baby or keep him warm. These blankets come with a stuffed animal attached to them.

These are basically made of plush or fleece and the infant might grow up with them.

Since the baby might use these for a longer period of time so they need to be durable.

Swaddle Blankets for Baby Girl or Boy

These are often wrapped around a newborn baby and meant to provide him comfort and warmth. These are also used to pacify the infant and make him sleep for longer hours.

Some of these even come with fasteners so as to keep the blanket at one place only. These are also considered to be a source of relaxation too.

In fact, these are one of the most popular kind of blankets


Crib Blankets for Babies

These blankets are used by the baby in the crib and hence the name. These are available as crib blankets, sheets or complete crib bedding set.

While choosing these, make sure to see that these are comfortable so that baby is able to sleep well in the crib.

Crib bedding eventually helps to create a cute nursery for your baby. These are available in different styles and fabrics.

Baby Quilts for Babies

Quilting is an age old tradition and most of the parents have keeping these baby quilts as a keepsake. Earlier it was the grandmothers’ who used to make quilts at home for their grandchildren.

These can be used to lay the baby on the floor or you can use them as bedding too. When picking up these, try to choose the one which matches other nursery items.

Baby Sleep Sacks:

Sleep sacks are considered to be a safe alternative to your traditional blankets. These are wearable blankets that you can use for letting the baby sleep.

These are quite secure and safe than the traditional blankets. It is often to be seen that the babies might get tangled in the bedding or else cover their face with it, thus the risks are manifold.

But with the sleep sacks these risks can be minimized. These have enough space to allow the baby to move but without letting him fall off.

Buying the Right Kind of Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are primarily needed to wrap the infant as well as cover him while he is fast asleep. You can also use it to keep the baby warm. These are some of the practical uses of the blankets.

These are available in different sizes and fabric and their thickness would mostly depend upon the weather season.

By all means these blankets occupy an important part in a newborn’s life. Thus while choosing these make sure you are making the right decision.

These need to be comfortable, durable, washable and without any roughness. There are in fact lots of options available when it comes to picking up the right kind of blanket. So, at times it becomes even confusing as to which one is the right for the infant.

Apart from this, you also need to know the uses of each of these. It is very important that you should choose a blanket which is able to meet most of the requirements of your baby.

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