Cloth Diapers Vs Disposable Diapers- Which One is Better for Your Baby

Cloth vs Disposable DiapersAs a new mom, you are often confronted with the question- cloth diapers vs disposable diapers- which one is better for your baby? Which one is healthier too?

Till the recent past, cloth diapers used to be the norm- every mother has to use it for her baby because that was the only option available to her.

However since the time disposable diapers have flooded the market, lots of new moms are switching over to these mainly because:

  • these are easy to use,
  • have a better absorbent capacity and
  • you don’t have to get them in the laundry too!!

Indeed the benefits of disposable diapers are many but are they really healthy for your baby?

What about rashes which occurs due to harmful chemicals?

In a way, a close look might reveal that from the point of view of health and economy one needs to use cloth diapers because these are soft, comfortable and free from toxic chemicals too.

Cloth diapers no longer remain the same as they used to be at the time of your grandmother’s. They have come a long way from diaper pins and rubber pants.

Now you can choose from all in ones to prefolds with wraps. In a way there are tons of choices in cloth diapers which are available to the mother now than in the past. 


Types of Cloth Diapers Available Online

Cloth diapers are considered to be a frugal alternative to the disposable diapers. They are available in different types:

Flat Diapers: These are the oldest types of cloth diapers and are the ones which were used by your grandmothers.

These are rectangular or square in shape and can be made from cotton, bamboo or hemp. They require a waterproof cover on the top.

Prefolds: These are the cheapest of all and are offered the most by the diaper services. They need fasteners and must always have a cover too.

Contoured Diapers: These contoured diapers are somewhat similar to disposable diapers and have aplix/Velcro fasteners. However in order to prevent leaking they need a PUL cover. Though inexpensive yet they cost more than the prefolds.

Pocket Diapers: These are one of the most popular types and as the name suggest they come with a pocket. They have a waterproof outerlayer and a suede cloth inner layer.

The pocket is located at the back where you can place any of the absorbent material like cotton, microterry or hemp.

These come with Velcro fasteners or snaps. They help in keeping the moisture away from the baby’s skin and thus he remains dry.

All in Ones (AIOs): These are the all in one diaper which have all the basic elements combined together. They come with a sewn in insert as well as a PUL cover.

These too come with Alpix/Velcro fasteners or snaps. You don’t have to do anything rather just change and wash them.

What Are the Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers?

Often the debate between the benefits of cloth and disposable diapers goes on and on. Though disposable diapers are easy to use and carry, the new generation of cloth diapers too is in no way behind them.

These are cute, absorbent and so soft for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Here are some of the major benefits which you must know:

  • Your baby will surely remain free from rashes and skin irritation if you are using cloth diapers.  This is so because cotton ‘breathes’ which allows evaporation to take place easily and thus the skin remains irritation free.
  • These do not contain any of the harmful substances like sodium polyacralate- these are the shiny crystals found in disposable diapers which might stick to your baby’s skin.
  • They are devoid of perfumes, fragrances and chlorine.
  • If your baby is used to wearing cloth diapers then it will be easier to potty train him since he would know when he is wet.
  • By all means these are cost effective too than the disposable ones. You could save as much as $2500 per child with cloth diapers.
  • From the point of view of environment the cloth diapers are better since they won’t take thousands of years to break down and these won’t be filling up the landfills too.

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So as a mom, I think it is very important that atleast you should give these cloth diapers a try and see for yourself what is working the best for the baby. Which type of diapers have you been using for your baby? I would be happy to hear your side of the story and so do let me know in the comment box below.

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