Best Organic Teething Necklace for Mom

Best Organic Teething Necklace for MomsOrganic teething necklace for mom is one of the top most things to have in a new mom’s survival kit.

It is a must have especially if your little one has started teething.

If you are a first time mom, you might be wondering as to why do I need a teething necklace?

A lot of moms are puzzled by that.

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Well, a baby’s first teeth starts to come out generally when he is around 6-7 months old; though this might vary in some.

My son has started teething when he was around 6 months old- he used to put his mouth all over my clothes, face, hands……whatever he could feel was helping him in easing his teething.

In fact, during this period, the child might suffer from not just irritation and gum swelling but it is likely that he cries a lot and has sleeping problems too.

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As a mom, it’s important that you give your child something which he can chew and thereby relieve his swelling gums.

You can give him solid food, cold washcloth, organic teething ring.

In most of the cases, the baby may even bite you because somehow he is looking for relief.

You can give him teething biscuits or teething rings but they might fall from his hands and yet again he will start biting. 

So the best thing which moms can do in such a case is to wear a teething necklace.

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This is so because whenever the baby is in your arms and feels uneasy or irritated he can simply chew the necklace and get relaxed. His swollen gums too would feel much better.

It is always best to wear a wooden teething necklace which is not just safe and durable but also free of harmful chemicals which a plastic teething necklace might have.

The other prime benefit of these necklaces is that these are available in so many amazing colors and styles that you can even wear them when going out and they don’t look like teether at all.

So you can always look fashionable with a wooden teething necklace, something which you do when you carry a designer diaper bag with you.

So, if you are looking for some of the best organic teething necklace for mom, this post will give you some of the best ones to choose from.

Organic Wooden Teething Necklace for Moms:

Teething Necklace with Wooden Beads:

This teething necklace for moms with wooden beads looks not just stylish but provides teething relief to the baby as well.

Beautifully designed in aqua and white color, it will keep the baby occupied even during breastfeeding.

It is made from BPA material and hence very much safe for the little one.

Another good thing is that it is easy to adjust and comes with a double loop so you can adjust the length of the necklace as per your requirements. Check Price at Amazon


Nursing Mama’s Heart Teething Necklace:

Teething necklace for nursing mothers is one of the best ways to develop that special bond with your baby.

The baby would love to chew it or simply hold it in his hands.

This beautiful teething necklace for mom has a beautiful wooden heart which is made from food grade vegetable oil, while the colorful beads are made from non toxic water based color stains. Check Price at Amazon

Organic Teething Necklace for Mom

Anything organic is going to be the best for your baby- it is free of chemicals and harmful ingredients which might be present in the other teething necklaces.

These days you can find some of the trendy teething necklace for mom which doesn’t look like teether even!

These are going to be a great source of developing a special bond between the mom and baby.

You can in fact flaunt these with any outfit you wear and more importantly fulfill its main aim of soothing the baby’s swollen gums as well.

But don’ worry as to where you can find unique teething necklaces online, since I have already done the work and picked up the best ones for you.

Check These Out and Pick Up Your Favorite

Designer Baby Teething Necklace for Mom:

Teething babies are the most troublesome babies! Now that I can say from my own experience.

If you are a New Mom, you will certainly understand that soon.

As a mother, it is up to you to look after the ways to provide relief to your little one.

This colorful teething necklace is one of the natural ways to help the baby to ease out his teething trouble. It is an organic necklace made from food grade silicone beads.

The cool hexagon shaped beads are easy to grasp in hand and chew as well. This one has been a favorite of a lot of moms whose baby are in a similar situation. Check Price at Amazon



Teething Necklace for Moms:

This is a handmade teething necklace for mom and is 100% organic since it is made from food grade silicone.

This is not just a teething toy for the babies; rather it can make a great style statement for the new mum.

What is unique about this necklace is that each bead has a different level of hardness, so the baby can chew according to his requirements.

It not just cures teething pain and drooling but even act as a gum massager too. It can make a perfect baby shower gift as well. Check Price at Amazon.


Non Toxic Teething Necklace:

This is a soft silicone organic teething necklace for the little one who is having trouble teething.

It is 100% organic and helps to provide relief to the baby’s irritated gums.

The design is such that it is easy to hold in the little hands and chew as well.

It is perfect to use as it enhances the sensory development of the child too.

This baby friendly necklace is perfect for those moms who don’t like to put on heavy or big jewelry. Check Price at Amazon


BPA Free Teething Necklace for Moms:

This is one of those trendy necklaces for moms who would love to wear it even after the baby has stopped teething.

Available in three of shades of electric blue, ivory and ash its beads are handmade.

They provide instant relief to the little one from the pain and act as a gum massager too.

Check Price at Amazon





Natural Organic Wooden Teething Necklace for Moms

Here are some of the natural organic wooden teething necklace for mom, which you would find useful for your little one.

These are a must have for breastfeeding mothers as it is completely safe for the baby not just to hold in his hands but also chew it.

The beads in these necklaces are made from either apple wood or oak wood.

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Some other essential features include:
• These necklaces are natural and vegan.
• They are perfect for baby with teething trouble.
• They help in stimulating the mental faculties of the child.
• They help in attracting the attention of the baby.
• These look stylish and moms can wear them with any outfit.

Note: Each of these is available at Etsy to buy from. Just click on the image below to check price and details.

Blue Oak Wood NecklaceGold Silver NecklaceApple Wood Necklace


Food Grade Silicone Teething Necklace for Moms

Check out some of the best organic teething necklace which look colorful and trendy for the new moms.

These are made from food grade silicone and are BPA free.

These are designed in a way that they are smooth on the edges and soft for the hands of the little ones.

The moms can wear these to attract the babies while breastfeeding or just to make them chew these when they have teething troubles.

Geometric NecklacePink-Grey-Black NecklaceGeometric Necklace

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