Best Natural Organic Baby Teething Gel

Best Natural Organic Teething Gel for Babies

Natural Organic Baby Teething Gel is a must to have for those Moms whose little ones have just started teething.

As a mom, I know it is one of the toughest times when teething starts. 

The little one is just not happy, he might feel irritated and cry a lot.

In fact, when the baby’s first tooth is out, it is one of the most trouble times for the parents.

So, as a mom it is but natural that you will feel really worried about your child.

He might have swollen gums or drooling.

In extreme cases, toddlers even suffer from fever too.  

If your baby is undergoing any such issue, then teething gel can provide relief to his gums.

You need to have a good natural organic teething gel which is safe for the baby’s mouth and relieves the pain too.

In this post, check out some of the best teething gels which you can have for your little one.

However, make sure you consult a good pediatrician before you apply any of these since a child’s doctor is the best guide in such cases.


Earth’s Best Organic, Teething Gel:

Earth’s best organic teething gel is one of the most popular and safe gel for the baby’s swollen gums.

It gives comfort to the baby who can sleep well at night once you have applied the gel.

The best thing about this gel is that it is very much natural and is made from licorice, fennel, vanilla and chamomile.

So, you know that you are not putting anything harmful inside your baby’s mouth.

This teething gel works instantly and that is a plus point.

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 Best Organic Teething Gel for Babies

Orajel Baby Naturals Teething Gel:

This natural teething gel is quite popular amongst the parents and is recommended even by pediatricians.

The key ingredient in this gel is chamomile which not just provides relief but also soothes the swollen gums of the infant.

Being anti inflammatory by nature, chamomile helps to treat the pain and disorder which the little one is undergoing owing to teething.

This product helps to numb the gums and so the baby can sleep well.

Most of the parents who have used it have been satisfied with the efficacy of this product though of course a few felt that it is not that effective.

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Hyland’s Baby Teething Gel:

The teething gel from Hyland’s baby is one of the best when it comes to easing out the teething trouble of the little one.

It reduces the burning sensation, irritability and uneasiness which the baby might suffer from while teething.

It helps to give instant relief to the baby who can then sleep or play happily.

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However, before applying any of these gels on the baby’s gums, I suggest that it is best if you apply it on your own gums first and see if it is working or not or if has a bad smell or not.

That way, you will be sure that the baby is getting the right teething gel.

These three are the best natural organic teething gel for babies. However, the efficacy of these varies from baby to baby, so what works for one may not work for the other. It is always best to consult the baby’s doctor before giving him anything.

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