Are Eco friendly Diapers Better than Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

ecofriendly diapers vs disposable diapersAre Eco friendly Diapers Better than Cloth or Disposable Diapers is a common question which comes to the mind of any first time parents.

In fact, as new parents you have to make multitude of decisions when it comes to meeting your baby’s daily requirements from cloths, blankets to cribs, strollers and beyond.

You might also need to choose between the brand and the color of the products and also what you think would be most comfortable for the baby.

However this process would become more complicated if you are environmentally conscious parents.

Should you go for ‘green diapers’ to meet the needs of the environment or are the ‘cloth diapers’ the best for your baby and environment?

The debate between disposable and cloth diapers has been going on for long and this post will certainly help you in making a proper decision regarding the two types of diapers.

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Cloth Diapers OR Disposable Diapers

Your choice of diapers be it cloth or disposable is going to impact not just the environment but also health and economic concerns too.

The disposable diapers were introduced in the year 1961 and since then they seem to have dominated the market unlike the past when cloth diapers were mostly used.

Convenience is said to be the major reason cited by parents especially in dual career families for using disposable diapers instead of cloth diapers.

This is so because cloth diapers require management which is not possible owing to lack of time. Also, families who do not have access to home laundry equipment find cloth diapers quite burdensome.

On the other hand with disposable diapers are purely leak free and your baby can sleep in peace at night. You don’t have to worry about changing the diapers after every hour or so.

Environmental Concerns With Regard to Disposable Diapers and Cloth Diapers

The disposal of solid waste including disposable diapers is said to be a major environmental concern. It is roughly estimated that around $300 million is spent every year for the disposal of single use diapers.

These diapers are also known to generate as much as four times of waste in comparison to cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are made from cellulose, chemicals and oil based materials.

Approximately 82,000 tons of plastic and 1.8 million tons of wood pulp are consumed each year for the disposable diapers production.

These diapers are also known to harm the animals and humans too in the long run since they are known to contain petroleum, wood pulp, gelling material and perfume.

Cloth diapers too pose concern from environment’s point of view. These are known to cause air and water pollution though indirectly.

The laundering of cloth diapers requires ample amount of water and chemicals for washing the same. All these lead to water pollution.

It can be said that while disposable diapers are using more energy and resources in their production process, but cloth diapers use more fuels after use and care.

Are Ecofriendly or BioDegradable Diapers the Best Alternative for the Baby and Enivronment?

A middle way between the cloth and disposable diapers is the eco friendly diapers. When they were first released in the market lots of parents have complained about leakage but now they have greatly improved.

These are not just chlorine free but also latex and dye free too. The good thing is that these are made from little of plastic and use more of corn starch instead of wood products.

Apart from that these are non toxic, chemical free and hypoallergenic too. Here are some of the best environment friendly diapers:

Earth’s Best Organics– These diapers contain natural absorbent materials like corn and wheat. These do not contain harmful chemicals like cholrine. These are breathable too.

Nature Baby Care- 75% of the material used in these diapers is natural and the surface of each of the baby diaper is covered with a film which is made from natural maize.

Tushies- These are the diapers which are made from 100% cotton and are considered to be the best for those babies who have sensitive skin.

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