5 Best, Cute Plush Pillows for Kids You’ll Love to Have

5 CUTE PLUSH PILLOWS FOR TODDLERSThere are so many sweet and cute plush pillows for kids online that I sometimes I wonder which one to choose for my son.

It looks too funny when he even hides himself in the pillow pretending he is not there in the room.

Toddlers are so innocent and so as Moms, we too need to be fully aware that we are giving them the right kind of pillow which they can play with and even take with them to sleep.

Parents in fact do anything and everything possible to let their little one have that calm and composed sleep.

In this regard, the pillows they have for their kids also occupy an important role.

It is however debatable as to what is the correct age when we should give a pillow to the baby to sleep- some considers it two years while others regard it as three years.

However, there is no harm in having plush pillows for your kids because these can be considered as a soft toy and a friend of the child.

These plush pillow pets are so popular and almost every baby wants to have one. In this post check out some of the cute plush pillow for toddlers:

5 Cute Plush Pillows for Kids and Toddlers

best plush pillows for kids

best plush pillows for kids1. Emoji Smiley Emoticon Cushion Pillow:

The poop emoji plush pillow is one of the best cutest pillows available online for kids.

It looks sweet and with those big eyes and smile, it is going to become a hot favorite of your kid as well.

What is good about this pillow is its soft and comfortable look.  The kids will love to snuggle and play with it. Check Price


best plush pillows for toddlers

best plush pillows for kids

 2. Thomas The Train Cuddle Pillow:

Now, if your toddler is like my son who is madly in love with trains, then surely this is a must have cuddle pillow.

The Thomas pillow live up to its name, as it is so soft and adorable.

Just gift your son on his birthday or on Christmas and he will be blown over. Check Price


best plush pillows for babies-min

best plush pillows for kids

3. Smiley Emoticon Cushion Pillow Stuffed Plush Soft Toy: 

This is yet another emoticon plush pillow which will catch your attention.

Kids will love to have this cushion which looks so much cute and adorable.

They can play with it or just decorate their room with this. There are so many different emoticons to choose from. Check Price


best plush pillows for kids

best plush pillows for kids

4.Panda Plush Pillow Pet:

Plush pillow pets are very popular amongst the kids. Having their favorite pets by their bedside give them so much of happiness and fun.

Kids love panda and this Panda Pillow is beyond doubt so sweet to look at.

Just have this for your toddler who would love to play with it. Check Price


best plush pillows for kids

best plush pillows for kids


5. Penguin Plush Pillow Pet:

Penguin is one of the most loved creatures on Earth. They look so innocent and sweet.

This one with a yellow nose can be used both as a pillow and a travel companion for your little one.

(You just need to unvelcro the pet if you want to use it as a pillow). Check Price

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