Welcome to My Blog,

This is Shadaan here,

I am an Indian Mommy Blogger working online since past five years and this blog is my prime online endeavor- “My Sweet Little Home” 

Before this, I have been writing on various platforms like Hubpages, Seekyt, Wizzley and many more. But, with time some died down, while other’s just didn’t interested me anymore.

Yes, I did earned money on these platforms but I often hate work where there are too many rules and regulations. So, I just quit writing on these. After lots of hard work and thanks to my online friends, this blog came to life on December 21, 2015 and since then I have been putting all my time and efforts on this.

I love to write on a variety of niches like wellness, beauty, fashion. In my blog, you will find about the best gifts list and everything which is new, unique and useful for the moms.

I believe as a Mom, it is sometimes really tough to pick up the best products- this one or that one.  We have to take care of our little ones, our hubby and of course getting our home organized too.

This is where this blog comes to your help- be it your skin care rituals, your fashion queries, your wedding, I try my best to bring out the best products and deals for every mom.

Also in my Blog, occasionally I talk about how I am earning money online- the lessons which I have learned in the field of Affiliate Marketing and Creative Designing. Yes I am at Zazzle too and believe me I enjoy being there.

My Sweet Son Ayaan.

About my Personal Life

I have a cute and sweet two and a half years old son who is my main priority. He is my love and my life. My hubby is a neuroscientist and currently staying in Georgia, USA.

Being Indian, you might find glimpses of India in my blog- yes of course, I am a proud Indian.

I would feel really happy to talk to you about India and especially Indian Moms- how we take care of our kids, how we believe more on natural remedies and for almost everything- be it our skin care or illness we first rush to the kitchen to make use of the home remedies.

So What Next,

Well, I would be happy to come in touch with fellow Moms too- how you are managing and organizing your lives. After all, “Moms Are Super Women” and I would love to hear from you all.

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